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Workshorse knife that's very thin behind the edge

Sun Apr 07, 2013 9:14 pm

I've got a a 210 mm laser gyuto (Konosuke) and I love it. However, for my new 240 mm gyuto I really look for a workhorse: sturdy. But I'd like it to cut like a laser. That means it should be very thin behind the edge.

What would you guys recommend? Could you split your recommendations into
- stainless knife
- carbon knife

since I'm not sure which I'l choose.

I don't care much for wa handles or yo handles. Other info: right handed, home cook (but a very serious one). I have experience with top knives (Konosuke, Takeda,Richmond).


Re: Workshorse knife that's very thin behind the edge

Sun Apr 07, 2013 10:06 pm

what your looking for is tricky. to get the "work horse " knife it needs to take some abuse on hard to cut product and having a ultra thin edge is not conducive to that goal. life is full of trade offs. i could make you a slightly thicker spine knife to give you a hair more mass to help with the cut and i can even do a multi grind on it to thin out behind the edge a bit so that you have slightly thicker behind the edge but hollow jsut after it
i can even give you a steel that will take abuse and its an edge holder but not SS and not ultra fine comparred to a simple steel.
often i remember a sign at my auto shop
\ pick the 2 your want

Re: Workshorse knife that's very thin behind the edge

Mon Apr 08, 2013 7:09 am

Short of getting a custom knife from someone like Butch Harner, and that would always be my first choice:

What you're probably going to want to find is a thicker knife and thin it to your liking.

A Hiromoto AS might be a good choice.

The Hokiyama's are another:

Re: Workshorse knife that's very thin behind the edge

Mon Apr 08, 2013 9:56 am

Wa or yo?

How sturdy? Ordinary sturdy like a Richmond Addict or very sturdy like a Richmond Ultimatum?

I've got three gyuto in my rotation of go-to gyuto (four if you count a suji I use as a chef's) with Konosuke HD on the thin side, and a Richmond carbon Ultimatum on the robust.

If you're looking for something very sturdy, and don't mind a 7oz knife, the Ultimatum in 52100 (carbon) or Bohler 390 (stainless, PM) are excellent and cost-effective choices. If you can afford the freight for the 6oz HD version, it sounds like it would fit you best of all -- but whether or not you want to climb to the $300+ level is another question.

We can talk more about pros and cons of the carbon and 390 if you're interested.


Re: Workshorse knife that's very thin behind the edge

Mon Apr 08, 2013 1:05 pm

MARK <> My favorite "sturdy workhorse" that is still thin behind the edge is the Kanehiro san-mai AS http://www.chefknivestogo.com/ka24wa.html. For whatever reason, they also take the sharpest edge of all my knives. Too sharp for service... stick in poly board sharp. Kanehiro just has a way with AS. They're pretty rough on the choil & spine, but some quick sanding and you're good.

"All my knives" =
Forschner 5.5” Yo-Santoku
Tojiro DP 150mm Gokujo
Miyabi Henkels 180mm Usuba
Tojiro DP 210mm Yo-Deba
Kyocera Kyotop 130mm (zirconia 206 ceramic) Yo-Petty
Kyocera Kyotop 155mm (zirconia 206 ceramic) Yo-Gyuto
Moritaka AS 150mm Wa-Honesuki
Moritaka AS 170mm Wa-Santoku
Tamahagane Tsuchime SanMai VG-5 90mm Yo-Petty
Tamahagane Tsuchime SanMai VG-5 210mm Yo-Gyuto
Suisin Honyaki INOX 240mm Wa-Gyuto
Kanehiro SanMai Ginsanko 150mm Wa-Petty
Kanehiro SanMai AS 210mm Wa-Gyuto
Kanehiro SanMai AS 240mm Wa-Gyuto
Konosuke HD 120mm Wa-Petty
Konosuke HD 150mm Wa-Honesuki
Konosuke HD 210mm Wa-Funayuki (custom oversized wa)
Konosuke HD 240mm Wa-Funayuki
Konosuke HD 270mm Wa-Funayuki
Misono 440 270mm Yo-Sujihiki
Ikkanshi Tadatsuna INOX 270mm Wa-Gyuto
Tanaka Aoniki (KU) 180mm Wa-Deba
Tanaka Aoniki (KU) 165mm Wa-Deba
Hiromoto Ginsanko 170mm Yo-Deba (super interesting asymmetrical semi convex grind)
Carter Warikomi Shirogami Fukugozai 5.2 sun Wa-Funayuki
Ryusen Tsuchime Damascus VG-10 180mm Yo-Gyuto
Unidentified “made in Japan 1995” teflon-coated 150mm Yo-Petty {2 each}
(they look kitch, but these are two awesome little pettys)
Vintage French Carbon 75mm Yo-Petty
Asai Damascus VG-10 75mm Wa-Petty
Kasumi Damascus VG-10 75mm Yo-Petty
Tojiro DP 75mm Yo-Petty (tourne)
Henkels 4-Star II 5” boning
Wusthof Ikon 4” utility
Black Diamond 3” parer
Wusthof Classic 3.5” parer
Mundial 2.5” tourne
Forschner 3.5” serrated parer
Forschner 5” boning {2 each}
Forschner 8” breaking
Wusthof 20cm butcher knife
Wusthof Ikon Blackwood 20cm Chef’s
Wusthof Avantgarde 20cm Chef’s {4 each}
Wusthof Avantgarde 15cm Chef’s
Wusthof Avantgarde 20cm slicer
Forschner Fibrox 19cm petty
Forschner Fibrox 12cm petty
Forschner Rosewood serrated 19cm petty
Forschner Fibrox serrated 26cm bread
Wusthof Classic 14cm boning
Henkels 4-Star 160mm Chef’s (I reprofiled it to honesuki in 1999)
Forschner Fibrox 20cm Chef’s {2 each}
Wusthof Grand Prix I 26cm Chef’s
Wusthof Grand Prix I 20cm slicer
Wusthof Granton Classic 16cm Chef’s
Wusthof Grand Prix I 16cm Chef’s
Wusthof Grand Prix I 20cm Chef’s {4 each}
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Re: Workshorse knife that's very thin behind the edge

Mon Apr 08, 2013 1:24 pm

Personally, I prefer "yo" handle for gyuto.
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