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Work Case and Knives

Mon Jun 18, 2012 1:49 pm

Alright we will go left side top to bottom then right right top to bottom. Ok well I cant get it to stay right side up so turn your head upside down when looking at a couple of the pics haha :D

Left Side
Blazen 270 gyuto
Fuji FKM 270 suji
Tojiro DP 240 Western Deba
Tojiro DP 240 gyuto
Tojiro DP Nakiri
Wasabi 180 Deba

Right Side
F. Dick Oval Smooth Steel polish
Tojiro DP 120 petty
Henckel 150 utility
Kono HH 240 gyuto
Tojiro DP Honesuki
Henckel 8in slicer

This is the glestain large case.

These are plating spoons and other items in the case on a daily basis.

Re: Work Case and Knives

Tue Jun 19, 2012 12:16 am

Nice set up! What is the most used?

Re: Work Case and Knives

Tue Jun 19, 2012 12:46 am

Sweet drew I love it, I made the mistake of selling someone an artifex for fathers day and he wanted to (borrow) my tojiro guyto and it seems to becoming a habit maybe some pro chefs can tell me how this keeps happening because I am at a loss, he also bought an f dick 8 inch chefs, anyway long story short his f dick fell out of the bag and broke first day, my tojiro was some how (keep in mind no money here these are mine) the tojiro broke in the middle it fell out of the bag and he refuses to pay for that even thought he called and said he didn't like, the tip of the artifex broke because if cell out of the bag and i still haven't firired that out yet anyway I am out 2 knives one steel and ingot the short end of the stick. Something isn't rite here all I know is i am out two knives and won't trust anyone with my stuff Ever again. Bullman

Re: Work Case and Knives

Tue Jun 19, 2012 8:51 am

Kalaeb, the most used knife is a toss up between my kono HH and the tojiro gyuto. The kono is my main prep gyuto and I used the tojiro on the line during service. Many of these knives dont get the use I would like them too but I bought them for the future, when ZI do need them I will already have them!

Jmbullman, I dont trust anyone with my knives. Especially at work haha Well I have my theories on why people care for knives so terribly. One I feel Johnson & Wales does not stress the care of knives like they should. They do not demand a sharp knife and could care less if you even remember to bring yours to class. This makes the majority of students very lazy and IMO worthless. Now these students are graduating and going into the workforce, and passing along the lazy worthless attitude about knives. So meanwhile CKTG and this forum is trying to create care and passion, and an outright love for knives you have one of the top culinary schools allowing kids to become lazy. If I were to ever let someone use my knife (which would be a stretch) the first thing I would ask is what is your nicest knife currently and how do you store them. IMO those 2 questions tell you a lot about a person. Well best of luck to you James!
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