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Wood Knife wall blocks. What size would you buy?

Thu Jul 26, 2012 12:07 pm

I had an interesting exchange with John Loftis today. We talked about cutting board care, wood preserving methods and wood wall magnets. Best practices for wood board maintenance.

I stand corrected on a couple of points.

In a prior post,I mentioned that I have put my boards in a warm <200 degree oven turned off for 20 minutes or so to get them warm before I slick them up with my processional butcher block sealer protector. THIS IS A MISTAKE and i'm a dumb ass for trying it. Evidently the glue that holds the boards together doesn't like heat and can break down. So I've since stopped that practice. bad, bad.

Second, it was suggested to me that the best sealer/protector for our wood boards (both of mine are the proteak) is to use simple food grade mineral oil. Said to pour copious amounts of oil on dry board and message into the wood and just let it sink in for 30 minutes or so. Then buff dry.

Lastly, the reason for my post: John mentioned that he is developing some prototype affordable knife wall magnet to be distributed through Mr Mark. Wanted to know what sizes people on the forum would want to buy. I don't know about ya'll but I never have enough space. Have 20 knives on two 18" wall magnets. Not ideal so requested that he create some 22" sizes.

Could ya'll chime in to give John some feedback on useful sizes. TKS

Re: Wood Knife wall blocks. What size would you buy?

Fri Jul 27, 2012 6:28 am

I will second the size of 22in. I have been searching for some affordable wood wall magnets, either they are REALLY nice and outside my budget or they are really cheap and I would hate to look at them on the wall everyday, especially since quality knives would be hanging from them. I also feel this is a really good product line to get into. I feel as for this forum community wall magnets will become more and more popular if they are not already!

Thank you Mucho Bocho for doing the leg work for all of us in speaking to John. Also John if you decide to go ahead with this my name will for sure pop up for a purchase of a couple :)

Re: Wood Knife wall blocks. What size would you buy?

Fri Jul 27, 2012 8:40 am

I'm curious Drew, what woods would you like? Burls? Exotic wood?

A 22" burl mag-strip could easily be a few hundred bucks.

Re: Wood Knife wall blocks. What size would you buy?

Fri Jul 27, 2012 9:18 am

In speaking with John, he is very aware of of the market and knows that wall magnets costing north of $100 will not move. He thinks that he can offer some moderately priced magnets ($60ish) for cool looking woods, maybe not super exotic woods at that price. I'm going to try to connect him with another wood guy i know to see if they can work together to get us some proper wall knife magnets.

John trying to lower the build cost by using more affordable magnets with better placement in the wood so that they will still grab and hold large blades. John is very knowledgeable about woods and the building process. I don't think I need another wood chopping block but will definitely pick up a couple of his knife blocks if they are in that price range and are at least 22" long.

Hopefully others will chime in to give John some feebback too.

Re: Wood Knife wall blocks. What size would you buy?

Sat Jul 28, 2012 12:33 am

Eamon, I really don't know what woods I like haha I am just into quality knives about a year now and am just now finding what I like about certain knives compared to others. I for one don't have the budget for REALLY nice handles or mag strips, nor do I have experience with different types of wood to have a preference. From the posts I have read different kinds of wood have different attributes and specs. ie. density, weight, feel in the hand, ect. This is just what I feel I have gathered through reading previous posts. Also if I am going to spend around $100-150 on a nice handle I want it to be on a knife that I love, and to be honest none of my knives other than my konosuke HH are worthy of custom handles due to the way the knives and I get along! :) So as for mag strips, what I would be looking for is a wood of decent quality, I don't know any names for examples, but I would be willing to spend $60-70 on a 22in strip. So i guess the nicest wood that could be sold for that price is my option! I hope this makes sense. As I did with knives I started with a "starter" knife of lesser quality to get a feel for the range of knives. I would like to do the same with handles just I need to find knives I love enough to be willing to spend the extra money on it.
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