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Re: Why no spot at the "Good Stone" table for King?

Sun Apr 28, 2013 2:03 pm

Hey, don't get mad over branding. Maybe they should have added the word "style" to King. "King style" 6k waterstone. At least then you'd know it's full of sh*t. :mrgreen:

And whenever you hear the word "cuisine" in the place of "food", be prepared to pay an extra 80 percent. (George Carlin)

And this is why I love working for an honest man like Mark. :)

Re: Why no spot at the "Good Stone" table for King?

Fri May 03, 2013 3:44 pm

Thanks for all the input guys.

I did end up getting a Bestor 1.2k / Rika 5K and sharpened 8 knives on them including knives with White #1, AS, Stainless etc. Heres what I came away with.

Both the King 1000/6000 and the Bestor/Rika combos sharpened the carbon knives to a point where they push cut paper with no external stropping. I didn't try push cutting with the stainless but all the knives easily shaved arm hair.

The Bestor 1.2k sharpens faster than the King 1K.
The King 6K got to its final edge a little faster than the Rika ( mainly because I did not have to lighten up so much on the King to get the edge I wanted ).
The Rika 5K gives a noticeably toothier less polished edge than the King 6K.
The Bestor/Rika combo has a nicer feel in the same way an expensive car can feel better than a cheap one.

If I could only only keep one set of stones, I'd keep the Bestor/Rika as I prefer their feel while sharpening and the edge is awesome, but its not a slam dunk.

I liked the smoother edge of the King 6K better for meat, where I preferred the toothier edge of the Rika for veg.
Because the Bestor needs a long soak, I've found myself pulling out the King 1K for fast touch ups.

So the title of this thread was Why no spot....

I definitely think I understand better now.

Again, thanks for all the input.

Re: Why no spot at the "Good Stone" table for King?

Fri May 03, 2013 6:49 pm

Makes sense and sounds right -- as far as it goes.

You may not be getting the most out of the Rika. Based on your description of the results, it seems you may use the surface of the stone too much, and the mud not enough. Start working the Rika with a lot of pressure, and after you get a burr on both sides, decrease the pressure and keep working the same mud -- adding extra water as needed. Eventually the abrasive in the mud will start to break down and you'll get a good 5K polish.

If you cultivate and use the mud from the King, it too will work better than it does otherwise.

You may even want to use a small plate, a nagura, or some other method to get the mud going before taking a knife to the stone.

Taken to their limits, the Rika will give a little less shine than the King, but their levels of refinement are about equal.

If you want a really good 6K polish from a reasonably priced stone which is faster and better in every way than the King 6K (which, as you noted is no slouch itself) try the Arashiyama. It's the best polish you can get (without too big a jump) coming off the Bester 1.2K, with qualities similar to many good 8Ks.


Re: Why no spot at the "Good Stone" table for King?

Fri May 03, 2013 8:24 pm

Thanks for the tips and suggestions BDL. I really appreciate it.

My main need with knives is in the kitchen, and I'm starting to see that there are many edges, from refined toothy, to refined smooth, and various edge profiles effecting cutting performance and durability. Its a rich world, the world of knives and stones, and its likely I'll go through a fair few iterations until I arrive at what is right for me :)

I'll get a Arashiyama and see how it goes.

Many thanks.

Re: Why no spot at the "Good Stone" table for King?

Sat May 04, 2013 7:47 am

Rather that getting the Arashiyama (which gives another stone in the same grit range) try the Kitayama 8000 Grit Water Stone which will get even a better polish for you while still being in the range that is relatively close to where you are now. I use one and love the polish it leaves on my knives.

Re: Why no spot at the "Good Stone" table for King?

Sat May 04, 2013 8:14 am


You are right and I appreciate the suggestion.

I'm going to start another thread that is more relevant to where this thread is going. "Finding the perfect edge"
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