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Tue Nov 27, 2012 9:31 am


And let me add, I can't help but recognize a parallel between Larry & Mark in their customer service. Its been my absolute pleasure doing business with Mark here, and my interaction w/Larry over there has been superb, thus far.


Thu Nov 29, 2012 1:20 am

Only heard good things about him.


Don't get frustrated when things don't go smooth the first time. Stick to it! :D


Thu Nov 29, 2012 5:03 pm

MICHIEL <> Thank you for all your mentoring, thus far.

And don't worry, I'm not one to give up due to tribulation. I work better under stress. I'm "one of those" whereas I need adversity to interest me in most anything. Strife is my fire, turmoil my coal...


Sat Jan 12, 2013 11:12 am

MICHIEL <> By no fault of Whipped Dog, the delivery was delayed, but I have now received said package. Really can't say enough enough good things about Larry! Awesome customer service.

Here she is, and bear in mind the razor return value is @$38 from an $82 kit...

First impressions: Double hollow grind. Cutting edge is dished. Extremely uncomfortable shave due to two reasons, I reckon: #1 - this has to be dull, #2 - it feels really light & its only 11mm tall which I think the geometry makes it tend to dig. I'm guessing a heavier wider razor would be more apt to glide across the face... I don't know, just a conceptual guess.

I've never used a straight edge before, but this can't be "shave ready" sharp. I couldn't finish my face, and across the grain was absolutely impossible. It was a relatively painless first. I only allowed one cut, but I couldn't even finish my face, either. I feel I set myself up for failure as being a virgin I didn't know what to expect with sharpness... it is simply too dull to shave with, in retrospect.

So on to a resolution. I have not been able to acquire a 12k/15k as you suggested, but what I do have is this:

Stones - 500 beston, 1200's (nuba bamboo, bester, king), 2k nani aotosho, 3k King, 5k Rika, 6k King & an 8k Kity.
Strops - Hanging smooth bovine
Bench strops - cross hatched cordovan leather, loaded balsa (.1 micron iron oxide, .25 micron diamond spray, .3 micron alumina gel, .3 micron chromium oxide & 1 micron diamond spray)

If my kit is capable of creating a comfortable shave ready edge, when I get the time - I'll spend as much time as it takes to get this edge in shape. I would think it is, but I'm ignorant w/straight edges. My kitchen has been so busy this season I had been a month straight no day off, but I gave myself yesterday and today to recharge. I spent 3 hours thinning one, repairing & reprofiling another & sharpening 8 knives last night...
...and I'll do what I can with the razor, but I'm pretty much out of time until after my next tour of duty.

Any suggestions from what you read above?


Sun Jan 13, 2013 7:20 am

That frown will be an issue and not very easy for a beginning razor honer like yourself. I use narrow stones so it's a tad easier. you could lap the sides of your stones and use that.

Larry usually provides shaveready edges, so I'm surprised it tugged so much. Did you strop it on anything before use? If not, strop it on a pasted strop or balsa and see if it improves. If it doesn't pass the hanging hair test (HHT), I wouldn't bother shaving until you hone it again.

I don't know what type of edge the 8k kity leaves, but if it doesn't pass the HHT, you'll need to hone it anyway. I would strongly suggest using a compound after the 8k. Alox or CrO would be the most comfortable. Diamond sprays can make an edge harsh on your face.


Sun Jan 13, 2013 12:54 pm

MICHIEL <> Like I said, Larry is great & I have no qualms w/his product. I'm not gonna be a prick over a used $38 razor. It was the holidays, he was slammed, and he had to rush some things because of extenuating circumstances out of both our controls.

When you say "frown," are you referring to the dished cutting edge that looks like a frown, and if so, is your comment regarding narrow stones implying that I should try to straighten out the edge by grinding down the high spots, and if so - considering you know what I have to work with - outside of the Wusthof 1000/3000, Norton 1000/4000, the Minosharp 1000 & my Atomas (140x, 600x, 1200x) that I forgot to mention - what progression would you suggest as we would now be trying to remove some substantial steel? :?: Furthermore, in this steel removing capacity, may I utilize an edge leading & trailing sequence, or stay the course with only leading laps.?! :?:

In reply to your questions: I tried shaving out of the box... no go. I stropped on hanging leather... no go. I spent 30 minutes, shaved less then .25 of my face (poorly) & then forfeited to a disposable as I had to then race to work.

HHT... Image .
No sir, I have to pull hair taught & then it will pop after some pressure is applied.

I have decided to buy a Kanenaga from Mark, when he gets it back in stock, so this razor is a beater to me. Meaning, I don't mind grinding the shiite out of it. I'm thinking I will start on a 1200 on its side as you suggest so I only grind down the afflicted areas. Do you suggest the Bester or the King? :?:

My Nuba Bamboo & Nani Aotoshi are still in the mail, and as my 3k King, 5K Rika, 6K King & 8K Kity all have bases, I reckon, I have to grind her down to an actual straight edge with the 1200 - then do full laps on full sized stones for sharpness. I can't use my .3 alox yet as Im waiting on a clean balsa from CKTG. I can move forward w/.3 micron chromium oxide & .1 micron iron oxide.

FYI: I only have a 20x loop. Speaking of which... what do you suggest I pick up (30x, 45x, 20x/400x Veho @Mark's or other)? :?:

Do you approve, or am I way off.?! :?:



Sun Jan 13, 2013 1:26 pm

Yes a frown is that recurve in the edge. With a narrow stone you don't have to even the edge out since it will fit in the frown and will sharpen it the same.

In your case I would be tempted to bread knife the razor, but the edge is already close to the shoulder. I would hone out the trouble spots and get it more even. You can do back and forward motions, but keep count. You don't want the edge off center.

Kamisori razors are easy to hone in general, and offer a nice shave. It's different than honing a regular straight razor, but very easy. Just keep the profile intact. Most people hone kamisori's in a 7/1 or 10/3 ratio (7 strokes on omote side, 1 on the ura). i like 10*3 myself.

I haven't used the 1200 King in a long time, but I would expect the Bester to be a tad harder and better, so I'd go with that.


Sun Jan 13, 2013 1:31 pm

MICHIEL <> You're awesome. Thank you...

Yes, the Bester is harder, the King creamier.


Sun Jan 13, 2013 2:00 pm

Looking back at the razor, I would send it back. Even if you get it to shave nicely, it will be a PITA. it should have come shaveready as advertised, and it should be a razor that you can actually hone.

Just my 2 cents.


Mon Jan 14, 2013 3:04 am

are you kidding me. is that the razor you got from him? i must say if you can, return it faster then ligtning i would never put a razor to my face that looks like that. to start with that razor cant get a good edge due to the uneven blade. and on top of that you need to use a ton of tape cuz it has massive honewear. and for a beginner i would never recomend a razor under 5/8. that said no sh**t your shave was bad :P that razor should been thrown in the trashcan for sure. to save it, and trust me its not worth it you would have to breadknife down the edge about 2-3mm and then always use atleast 5-6 layers of tape to rebuild the spine. and since the stabilizers are the same lenght as the hole blade its gonna be hard to breadknife it a good way.
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