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Which stones to perma-soak

Mon Jul 07, 2014 9:07 am

I thought that I had learned my lesson on proper stone storage after the demise of my Arashiyama (store on side with sufficient room for air flow to allow for drying), but alas I found my new Nubatama speckled Ume 2k developing cracks after first soak my venerable Green Brick, which has seen steady use for nearly 2 years, suddenly develop a crack.

To give some background, I post my sharpening station at the growers market once a week for about 3 and a half hours at a time. I put my Nubatama Bamboo 150, Latte, Nubatama Ume speckled 1k, Green Brick and now my Nubatama Ume speckled 2k into a communal soaking bin where they are kept until use, and then returned to soak after using. When I get home I place the stones on their sides and allow to dry until next use.

I suspect the stones that have cracks are drying unevenly. I am considering perma-soaking the above mentioned stones to help resolve this issue, but fear it may be to late because of the crack formation. I have never perma-soaked because I don't know which stones this is safe to do with. I would also like to know for future stones which brands or types of stones are a good/not good soakers.


Re: Which stones to perma-soak

Mon Jul 07, 2014 10:33 am

I've rotated my Naniwa 400 and Green Brick while allowing to dry. The side on the ground stays wetter longer I've noticed.

I do tend to perma-soak my green brick. It has been soaking for a month without issue. My Naniwa 400 on the other hand starts to dissolve after about a week of soaking so I have started drying that one in between uses. I do not have any Nubatama stones and my other stones are splash and go Shapton GS's.

Re: Which stones to perma-soak

Mon Jul 07, 2014 2:05 pm

I never let my most used soaker stones dry out. The only stone I let dry out is the Nubatama 150. During transportation they are wrapped (kind of) in what end up being damp towels / rags and stored in a plastic food tray. They soak during the event. Return to the tray wrapped the same way for transportation back home. Sometimes they stay wrapped for days in between events. I've never had a issue with cracking if the stones aren't allowed to dry out completely. This doesn't apply to any splash and go stones I have.
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