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Which of these many knives would be best for me?

Wed Jun 27, 2012 10:04 am


I went to your forum and found more information.

What is difference between the Artifex 240 and the soon-to-be released Addict 2 in the same metal?

If you think it worthwhile, please feel free to post the following to your forum--

I am right handed, but have no preference for a right hand grind vs a symmetrical grind. I do not cut well with a rocking motion, despite the shape of my German knives--I seem to want to push cut, although I never knew the name for it. I will be choosing on a number of factors, only one of which will be carbon vs stainless. I would like your thoughts on the differences between the knives in use (ease of use, quality, and thick vs thin) and ease of sharpening. If you care to rank them, that would be great. My list--


Konosuke White #2 Fujiyama Gyoto 240mm

Yoshikane SKD11/12 (D2/A2)

Yoshikane Hand-Hammered Gyoto, Traditional 240 mm

(Richmond?) Konosuke Extra Tall HD Gyuto 240mm

Richmond Carbon 52100 Addict 240mm Gyuto

"Semi-stainless" or clad--

Richmond Artifex 240

Kanehiro 240mm Wa-Gyuto


Richmond Addict 2 Rosewood Handle 240mm

Thank you,


Re: Which of these many knives would be best for me?

Wed Jun 27, 2012 10:19 am

Hi Richard,

It will make my head explode if I try to use my analytical skills and rank each one. The reason why I like the Konosuke the best of that bunch are because it uses really good steel, the grinds are beautiful and very consistent, the fit and finish on the knife is excellent and they hold an edge. Get the one with the ebony handle. It's worth the extra money.

Kind Regards,
Mark Richmond
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