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Which Knife to buy next?

Mon Jun 04, 2012 1:26 pm

Hey Mark:

I'm loving the konosuke hd 240 gyuto and moritaka 150 petty that you sold me. Now I'm ready to buy another and I write seeking advice.

Here are the things I think I need moving forward (in no particular order):

-A cleaver (when is the richmond coming back? It looks like a winner!)

-A suji (270-300, I'm thinking an ebony handled konosuke hd to match the gyuto. Any reason to go carbon here?)

-A deba or some other heavy duty knife that can handle butternut squash, among other things (currently I'm using a pretty hefty German chefs knife) -- one that seems particularly interesting is the takeda that you describe as being part deba and part petty. What is the ideal Japanese ass-kicking knife for unfriendly targets?

-a petty in the 180/210 range -- possibly also the ebony konosuke hd as I like the steel and the look.

-a takeda gyuto. Would the 270 be too much knife? Would a 240 be redundant?

Am I missing anything big?

Because I'll be doing this one knife at a time, do you have any suggestions on where to start? I'm really hot on the idea of getting a Takeda. But I'd also like to add something with some heft to the collection as I am reluctant to attack any of the less friendly veggies with my Japanese knives.

I'd rather not break the bank on a cleaver or deba without a particularly good reason, but I'm especially willing to spend on the slice and takeda gyuto. For what it's worth, I'm not feeling a huge rush to buy a slicer as I haven't found myself needing one (yet).

Thanks, as always, for your help. It's a pleasure to buy from you!



Re: Which Knife to buy next?

Mon Jun 04, 2012 1:27 pm

Hi William,

I'm really glad you liked the first 2 knives.

This would be a great question for my forum. Would you mind if I post your question and my answer? I'll remove your last name.

It kind of depends on your use habits. If you're looking for a heavy duty knife that can do tough cutting tasks the Tojiro Western deba is a beast of a knife and you can do all kinds of tough jobs with it. Butternut squash, processing whole fish and even hacking up chickens are all stuff this knife can do.

That said, you may want to keep using your German chef knife for this kind of work. Many people will use their German knives for tasks that might chip or damage their Japanese knives since the steel is softer and the blades tend to be thicker with wider angles on the edges.

I would also wait on the petty. You have one so you can skip that for later.

Try a good sized Suji. You can do lots of stuff with them including carving. If you're pining for a Takeda (I like the a lot) perhaps you could try a Takeda Suji?

My cleaver is ready and I should have it on the site in a couple days (the 52100 version). The stainless one is still being prepared by Lamson and I'm not sure when they're going to be ready but it shouldn't be long.

Kind Regards

Mark Richmond

Re: Which Knife to buy next?

Mon Jun 04, 2012 1:28 pm


Thanks for getting back to me and please feel free to post this on your site (thanks for removing the last name).

The Tojiro western deba looks like a killer knife too -- nice extra length. Your point is a good one though -- why fix what's not broken? My current knife does what I need. This appears to be one on which I can wait.

I'll look forward to your cleaver coming out in stainless! I'll keep checking the site.

Ive thought about those Takeda sujis, but I think I really want a 300mm. I do really like the idea of a 50/50 grind. I don't make sushi (love eating it, just not what I prepare), so the traditional yanagi seems like a potential mismatch. You didn't comment on the konosuke hd suji. Are you not a big fan? The 300 with the ebony handle would sure look nice next to my 240 gyuto. Is carbon a vastly better alternative for a slicer? If so, are the Doi's a good way to go? On the site, you cite their popularity. Any other 300mm, 50/50 sujis that I should be looking at?

Back to Takeda... I know that I will want one of his gyutos at some point. I think they look amazing and everyone seems to love them (that the 240 is one of your perennial best sellers speaks volumes -- it's not a cheap knife). I understand that they tend to be bigger than 240/270. Compared to my konosuke 240, would the Takeda 240 seem huge? Also, any reason not to just spring for the 270? You can cherry pick one with a little bit more belly, right?

I think this next buy will either be a suji or a Takeda gyuto. Next up is whatever I don't get this time! This is a great addiction.

Thanks as always!



Re: Which Knife to buy next?

Mon Jun 04, 2012 8:16 pm

The HD is being replaced by the new HH, with an HRC of around 60-61 instead of 59. According to Mark, this is a big improvement over the HD. BTW, Mark recommended the Konosuke Fujiyama 270mm White #2 gyuto to me, and it is a remarkable knife.

Re: Which Knife to buy next?

Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:24 pm

i am only commenting on the HH, as I have never used the HD. Wow the HH is still impressing me. This knife is now my go to over my blazen. and it was $80 cheaper. It is prolly around 10 degree per side and tough as nails. I mean I dont throw it around but it is a darn good knife. I recently finished this knife on my rika 5k, since this is my highest grit freehand, and even for 5k it is a great edge. Also my preference is definitely a 240 over a 270. The reason being for me the added height of the 270 feels a tad bit awkward and I am not as agile with it. No matter the preference the HH is one darn good knife!

Re: Which Knife to buy next?

Wed Jun 06, 2012 7:16 pm

Just a minor correction. The HH is replacing the Swedish Stainless series. It's actually the same steel but the heat treatment is changed to increase hardness as was mentioned to about 61 HRC.

We will still be selling the HD line but they're tweaking this one too later this year. We talked about calling it the HD2 but I'm not sure what Kosuke decided.

It's confusing I know....

Re: Which Knife to buy next?

Sat Jun 09, 2012 5:37 am

What is the tweak going to be on the HD2? Slightly harder?

Re: Which Knife to buy next?

Sat Jun 09, 2012 6:38 am

The new steel is very slightly different in composition. A little more wear resistant but that's the only difference I can tell from the knife I tested. They haven't told me the composition so I don't really know what the ingredient mix is.
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