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What would be my top yo gyuto with stainless steel

Sat Nov 17, 2012 1:31 pm

This is another “what is the best gyuto”, but with a different set of criteria, I think. I’m a home cook and looking for a new gyuto that should be an upgrade from my current Global gyuto.

My critera are:
- steel that is able to take a keen edge (edge retention is less important, since I’ll be sharpening it long before it is dull)
- truly stainless steel (e.g. no Carbonext or Konosuke HD)
- ergonomic western handle, suitable for fairly large hands. no compromises here.

So basically I’m looking for AEB-L, 19C27 or similar steel, I think. Don’t love the VG-10’s I’ve tried.

I’m right handed. Willing to spend up to about $250. But less is better and I’ve definitely not ruled out an Artifex. I thought the Misono UX-10 would be top notch, but on the forum Adam warned me that the steel is not so great.

So I wondered what would be my top knife? Hiromoti AS? Konosuke HH with western handle? Or still an Artifex? I’ve read good stories about all of their steels, but I am not sure about their handle sizes and their F&F. Or anything else?

Re: What would be my top yo gyuto with stainless steel

Sat Nov 17, 2012 1:37 pm

The Hiromoto AS is Aogami Super. G-3 is the fully stainless Hiromoto.

Check out one of the Custom Handled Artifex. Taz does great handles.

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