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What's your best knife?

Thu Oct 24, 2013 8:48 am

I enjoyed the conversation yesterday. Several questions remain. Your opinions are appreciated.

Does the Kono honyaki ever come in 270mm?

What justifies the price difference between the $1100.00 blade and the $995.00 blade that was reviewed? Is it just scarcity at this point?

What would you consider to be some great choices around the $1000.00 mark for performance, finish, craftsmanship, beauty and uniqueness?

What would be the "crown jewel" that you would recommend as stated in your site during the review?

Thank you.


Re: What's your best knife?

Thu Oct 24, 2013 8:55 am

Hi Robert,

I tried very hard not to get philisophical on you yesterday. What is something worth is an extremely complicated question and one I think about quite a bit. I did real estate apraisals for a few years and it always fascinated me why similar house could sell for wildly different prices based on almost no differences in quality or size or other factors but I digress...

Ok, to answer you specifically about the Konosuke Honyakis the 2 knives you cited are completely different in almost every way. The first one for $995 was made by a Sakai blacksmith that used white #2 steel and the custom handle was done by my in house woodworker Isaiah. The second knife that is available now is done by a different blacksmith, it was ground differently by his partner using a different method and he used blue #2 steel which is more difficult to forge, engrave and polish. This one also has s custom handle on it by Tim Johnson who does work for me and he used some special materials on the handle.

Currently we are all out of the white #2 honyakis. We can get them in a wide variety of shapes and sizes so we can special order one for you if you want a 270.

Re: What's your best knife?

Thu Oct 24, 2013 9:04 am

The other question is what is my best knife. I usually have high regard for guys that make knives that are my friends so the knife you would have to pry out of my cold dead hands would be my 240 gyuto that Adam Marr did for me. It's one of his first custom knives that he made and I love that knife. I also have a basket weave damascus gyuto from Devin Thomas that I think is a work of art. I watched him make damascus steel in his shop in Panaca and understand his process really well and I still can't wrap my mind around how he can make a pattern like this. It blows me away and the thing is virtually flawless. It belongs on my mantle instead of on my knife rack. I've owned this knife for over a year and I still pick it up and look at it with awe and amazement. Devin is such a nice guy that I'm sure this has something to do with why I like the knife so much. So if you wanted to combine my favorites buy some basket weave damascus from Devin and have Adam make a few knives out of the bar for you. Now THAT would be cool. Actually, I should do this for the store....

Re: What's your best knife?

Fri Oct 25, 2013 5:18 am

Fowler... <--link
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