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Re: What's a good natural to use as a tweener stone?

Fri Oct 05, 2012 7:31 am

Thanks to all. Enjoyed and benefitted from advice and comments ..... mainly in softening my mindset and considering alternatives. Fingerstones/nagura may not benefit me as much as others since I tend to use trailing strokes to maintain tight angle control. Slurry pulls down the stone and needs to be redistributed each stroke ....

Good news is ..... Yaginoshima Asagi comes to the top as a very capable choice with minimal risk and downside. Cost is modest for smaller stone and should overlap both Aoto (a bit) and Ohira Asagi (a lot).

All of this continues to increase my desire to get an EdgePro for all the times when I feel like on a treadmill and need to finish with a good result. :geek:

Best regards,
Tom B
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