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Re: What's a good mid range 1K stone?

Tue Jul 09, 2013 11:32 am

Thanks for the replies! I'm a newbie when it comes to sharpening. The main reason that I got into sharpening was the cheap new "dull" kitchen knives that I got early this year. I didn't realize how dull those knives were until I got a Tojiro DP 240mm Gyuto.

The first stones I got were a set of diamond stones with the 4 different grits. I like these diamond stones mainly because they are low maintenance. Since getting the Gyuto, I started to think about getting some the water stones. I really don't care if the water stones are the splash & go ones or the soaking ones.

I have a mix bag of water stones at this point. I currently have the Naniwa SS 2000, 8000 & Green Brick (became available after I got the other two SS). I have on order the Imanishi 5000 & 8000/12000. My water stones selections good or bad was based on when I read up on the internet during my research. I'm not a fan of any particular brand at this point. I'm currently using the SS 8000 as the final step in my sharpening after using the diamond stone(s).

I'm thinking that I need to add medium grit water stone to give me a full range. Of course, I'm missing the coarse grit water stone but I think that the coarse diamond stone will handle that requirement. As for budget, I started off with a zero budget on this venture.

Re: What's a good mid range 1K stone?

Tue Jul 09, 2013 11:38 am

Nubatama 1K Ume speckled should work well for you to go between the diamonds and other stones you have, or the Bester 1200.

Re: What's a good mid range 1K stone?

Tue Jul 09, 2013 12:15 pm

There is no "bad" stone in this situation, it's all personal preference. Chose a stone you think you'd like to try and go for it. Your skill is what will make the most difference here. I think you'll be happy with whichever you chose.

Re: What's a good mid range 1K stone?

Tue Jul 09, 2013 3:51 pm

Hi Ed,

Here are some things I picked up along the way to go with the great stone suggestions above.

Use what you read on the forums as a guide only. There is no best stone. There is no best technique. There is no best stone progression. What is best is whatever combination provides your perfect edge.

The perfect edge for you is the perfect edge for you. Its a very personal thing and the best way to discover it is to experiment.

It might be the result of a progression like 1K, 2K, 4k, 8K. It might be the result of a 1K edge that is stropped on a 6K. It might be something completely different. The point again is experiment.

Another important aspect to sharpening what "feel" works for you. Some stones have a hard feel, some soft. Some have no mud, some are muddy, and some are anywhere in-between. Some have a lot of feedback. Some almost none. Again, there is no right or wrong, only what you like.

Then is the cutting speed of the stones. Is faster better? In some cases sure, but not always. Some of my favorite stones are slower than molasses because sharpening to me is at times like a meditation. I don't want it to be over in 10 seconds or less. Now, if I'm in a hurry, I do have fast stones as well, but again, its what works for you that matters.

Lastly, sharpening is very much like tennis or golf. Its easy to get the basics, but it takes years to master. No only that, its always full of surprises and can be very rewarding.

Have fun!!!

Re: What's a good mid range 1K stone?

Tue Jul 09, 2013 4:38 pm

Thanks for all the good advices here! I've decided on getting the Nubatama Ume 1K Medium. Even though I am just learning to sharpen my own knives, I now have the proper tools to get the job done properly. It's a good feeling to have sharp kitchen knives now. I no longer have to be too concerned with getting a new knife that's "dull". Thanks again!

Re: What's a good mid range 1K stone?

Tue Jul 09, 2013 6:32 pm

+1 on the Nubatama Ume 1K Medium, I love that particular stone. With your lineup, I would consider something more coarse (too :D ). a 400 Latte is a really nice compliment and you could go to either the 1K or 2K stones if you like.
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