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What next...

Wed Jun 26, 2013 6:52 pm

Hey, I've been a fan of your website for quite some time and have ordered a few bits and pieces over the last couple of years but I'm a little stumped on my next gyuto purchase. I have been happy with my konosuke HD 240 funayuki although at times I feel like it's a little short for me so I'm contemplating a bigger size of nice.

I would prefer a semi-stainless knife although I can maintain carbon to a degree (I just have a few problems with my Moritakas from time to time) and am curious about a workhorse type of gyuto I can use to assist in my prep sessions. I prefer a flatter and balanced profile that I can use primarily to push-cut but still have the ability to rock-chop herbs if desired (the funayuki appealled to me originally with the flatter profile and lower tip). I have an array of stones already of varying grits and am becoming pretty comfortable with them and enjoy using them. We cut on poly boards at work, if a knife can last me a day's worth of prep I'm happy to continue maintaining my edge on my stones each day or two so edge retention isn't a massive concern.

I looked at both the Ultimatum and the Konosuke (funayuki) gyutos although they seem in excess of 270mm, which I'm not sure would be a little too large for me or not. I'm still unsure on the subtle differences in profile and use of these two knives as well as I haven't been able to handle either of them. Would you be able to make any recommendations for me? I live in Australia and I'd prefer to spend less than $400 although I can be persuaded if I believe that a more expensive knife will keep me happier for longer.

Looking forward to your comments!


Re: What next...

Thu Jun 27, 2013 12:09 am

MAT <> Here in semi-stainless all you have is the KonoHD, Kikuichi TKC, & Ultimatum in HD.

The Kono Gyuto, not Funayuki, typically runs closer to 260. http://www.chefknivestogo.com/kohd27wa.html I have a Funayuki that runs 276. The Ultimatum is 285! The TKC lists at 270 though I don't own one.

Re: What next...

Thu Jun 27, 2013 7:44 am

So that I make sure I understand:

You're looking for a semi-stainless long 240mm or short 270mm gyuto.....yes? :)

The Ultimatum 245mm gyuto sounds like a good fit.....is that one on your radar?

Re: What next...

Thu Jun 27, 2013 8:13 am

Hey thanks for the replies..

For the record, yes I am looking for what would seem to be a long 240 or short 270 gyuto, preferably in semi - stainless steel although im considering most options to be honest. I have a moritaka honesuki and nakiri in blue #2 and super respectively and am pretty happy with their performance although I am paranoid about rust. If I could eliminate that paranoia I could be swayed towards purchasing something in carbon as I do enjoy using the moritakas I have when I don't have to clean the little rust spots popping up from time to time. I will provide some more details later.. just got back from work and the missus is glaring at me haha

Re: What next...

Thu Jun 27, 2013 9:46 am

MASIBU <> The Ultimatum is seemingly in your dimensional range, for sure. I guess the site is considering 19c27 a semi-stainless, but I gotta say I have Suisin INOX Honyaki, and this steel is stainless... nothing like a Kono HD steel. No rust spots are going to need to be cleaned, but I will acquiesce in that it will develop the slightest & slowest of patina.

Re: What next...

Thu Jun 27, 2013 5:32 pm

I've had my eye on the Ultimatum for a while now and it seems like a logical fit for me. All these comparisons are driving me nuts. I can deal with a slight and slow patina, no problem.. The Suisin was the first knife on my list actually although I cut it as it was a little over my budget.

I'm still leaning towards the monster ultimatum or konosuke funayuki. I could get used to the size so I guess comparisons between the two slightly different shapes would be helpful. Are there any noticable advantages of one over the other?

Something else I have been looking at is the Konosuke 270mm in Ginsanko, although it's out of stock at the moment and maybe a little more expensive than my budget. How does the Ginsanko rate alongside the HD steel?

Re: What next...

Fri Jun 28, 2013 7:04 am

Ginsanko is a lot like the 19C27 in the Suisin Inox Honyaki knives IMHO. It's a very nice stainless steel and was really my favorite until we all got AEB-L/13C26 and these Konosuke HD/TKC/etc. semi-stainless steels. I had several knives with Ginsanko and really like it. Sharpened fairly easily, held a good edge.

Between all the steels, though, I'd still buy based on other criteria.....maker, profile, geometry, handle, Ahhhh factor.....stuff like that, before I let the steel decide....at least amongst these steels. I'd only ever let one of these steels be the tie breaker and then I'd pick based on trying something new if I didn't have one of them.

Hope that makes sense.

Can't comment directly on the profile comparisons, sorry.
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