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Re: What is your favorite 1K stone

Tue Nov 26, 2013 8:06 pm

I'm the op, thank you for all your comments. I have, in no particular order:

Norton 1k
King 800
King 1000
Bester 1200
Ume speckled 1k (medium)

I don't sharpen professionally, just my own personal kitchen knives and Buck folders. I'm never in a hurry when I sharpen, I do it as much for the enjoyment of it as anything else. So for me, the feel and sound of the stone is as important as how well/fast it cuts. I've found myself not going over 2k anymore. I'm focusing on coaxing the best edge I can get out of these two grits. I may give the Arashiyama a try next. The price is right on that one.

Re: What is your favorite 1K stone

Wed Dec 04, 2013 6:36 am

I have not tried the Arashiyama 1k or the Chosera but I absolutely love both my XX hard and medium Nubatama 1K ume

Re: What is your favorite 1K stone

Fri Dec 06, 2013 5:09 pm

Favorite at the moment is the 1k Ume Medium hardness for knives. For razors, the 1k ume XXhard. I use much lighter pressure than Jason (something we discussed in detail) and I find the 1k speckled ume stones give a full 1k finish not a coarser grit (800 ish) finish in all three hardness levels. I also find the XXhard way too hard for single bevels and would go for the regular medium hardness or even the extremely soft 1200 for single bevels.

I find the 1k speckled Ume one of the most versatile stones I've used. It's not to say that the Shapton pro and glass or the Choceras are not good stones - they are, but these are my personal favorites. And yes the 1k Bamboo gold is an exceptional bargain and good performer. The white Bamboo 1k and the white 1.5k stones are exceptional but a bit more expensive so they don't get talked about as much.

I think pressure used is a big influence in what stones you prefer. That and just what types of stones and knives you like. I'm not a fan of prolonged soaking so I tend to avoid long soakers unless they do something special.


Re: What is your favorite 1K stone

Fri Dec 06, 2013 6:02 pm

While I do tend to use a bit of force while grinding its not on every knife or every stone. Some knives you can't force and as I progress to finer grits I use lighter pressure.

While I really like my 1k XX hard Ume it is by far the coarsest 1k stone I have ever used. Personally I actually find it really good for single bevel knives because its hardness and cutting speed. Really takes out deep grind marks in a hurry. As mentioned its great for razors and not bad with wood working tools.
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