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>> What does Magnus say.?! <<

Wed Jun 19, 2013 3:15 pm

...a knife is not yours until its tasted your blood. :lol:

Re: >> What does Magnus say.?! <<

Wed Jun 19, 2013 9:10 pm

Damn! Thats more than a taste...more like a buffet!! Note to self, no feather razors!


Re: >> What does Magnus say.?! <<

Wed Jun 19, 2013 11:59 pm

CHRIS <> That was the first time I've sliced myself like that, and of course it was on film. In fact, it was the suitcase propping up the iPhone that was really cramping my style. I didn't feel fluid with my right elbow as the case was in the way. Overall, it was my best shave with a Feather, yet... excluding that gash. Watching it is funny cuz I see myself feel the razor go in the cut & then I stop, feel it out, and then just jump over it. Anyhow, I posted because you see how light pressure is being used, how few passes are made, and how sharp these damn blades are. Outside of the gash though, you see there were only a few nicks up by my goatee.

Maybe I'll post my left side. It shows a relatively good shave with only a few nicks which has been consistent with my Feather experience.

Re: >> What does Magnus say.?! <<

Thu Jun 20, 2013 3:03 am

my god. ok thats a cut :). Image

i was going to ask why your arm was so close to your body but since you say its the bag i get it.
remember this. the razor cuts you much easier when applied then it dose already on the skin shaving. = be careful and make sure you have the right angle and comming down straight and not in a side motion when you applie it to the face.

i see that you go from the side of your face when you shave, like a "X grain" and also your other video on the left side you use your right arm from the hole shave and against the grain on the first pass? . have you tryd from sideburns straight down to the jawline?
another thing i see in the video is that you use to much motion in your wrist, try lock it once the angle is ok. and use your hole arm when going down etc.

how i hold razor and how i normally shave.

1.WTG Right hand, Right side, From sideburn straight down to jawline. Straight down right side of neck & throwt. Hole Mustach + hole cheek/under mount area.
2.WTG Left hand, Left side, From sideburn straight down to jawline. Straight down left side of neck & throwt
3.ATG Right hand, Left side, From down and up on the throwt to jawline on left side. From jawline up to sideburn. cheek from left to right, mustach from lip to nose.
4.ATG Left hand, Right side, From down and up on the throwt to jawline on right side. From jawline up to sideburn.
and see how i hold the razor ATG.


Re: >> What does Magnus say.?! <<

Thu Jun 20, 2013 7:15 pm

Melanpus - I can see how little pressure you used and definitely noted the few passes. I'm jealous :) I was also glad to see you look at the cut and finish around/over it. I've done the same on a couple minor cuts and i'm glad to see I'm not the only one mixing blood and lather!

Magnus - you make it look so easy!!! Your ATG pass all the way up the center of your neck makes me want to go shave again! I simply can't do that yet! Also, the fluidity of your strokes are inspiring! I'm hoping to get there someday :)


Re: >> What does Magnus say.?! <<

Mon Jun 24, 2013 6:02 am

MR.M <> First, allow me to compliment the Hannibal .gif... GOOD STUFF! :P

Second, I do recognize I need to bring my left hand in to the mix, but having been pretty new to the SR game - I have refrained. That said, I empathize in that if there's ever a time - the formative period is it. My right handed dominance is what instills that dexterity complex, but that is fear... and fear is easy to overcome.

In reply, the left side was A(cross)TG the entire shave, correct. Above the jawline, my grain runs normal, and in the video I shave across it. Below my jawline, the grain runs sideways whereas chest to jaw laps are, in fact, across the grain... not against.

Allow me to digress, and compliment Hannibal again... awesome. LOVE THAT SCRIPT! :twisted:

Anyhow, I have never run sideburn to jawline on my right side because I have that mole in which you see me accommodating in the video. It interferes with that side breaking the continuity of that potential sideburn to jawline lap. I have felt more comfortable working from the goatee up due to that.

On my left side, I have been hesitant to use my left hand as I am cognizant of my left hand's inability to hold a consistent razor angle... or at least, my perceived inability to do so. A razor to my throat has admittedly caused me to err on the safe side. Interestingly enough, my left side is seemingly always the smoothest & closest shave w/the least damage.
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