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Re: What Comes After a MAC?

Tue Apr 02, 2013 3:22 pm

I don't know Adam... I am very very used to the Mac and I have used many of the knives referenced (except the Laser) and I have used it to cook professionally for 10 hours straight. The Mac is a good knife and will feel fairly similar to the others in grind, thinness behind the blade, and F &F... The others due have very specific advantages and all are awesome knives... You really have to try out the different blades and see what is best for you... I do agree with that the blade is just one component and the handle, weight, balance point, etc etc is of equal importance. I upgraded my Mac not because it wasn't an awesome knife, but because I got immersed in the world of Japanese knives and I wanted to try out different makers and steel types... All of my upgrades have very specific advantages to the others... However, I do think we are splitting frog hairs here...

He will be happy with any of the knives mentioned... However.. I would suggest stainless or semi stainless if he is going to cook with it professionally for hours at a time... We just don't have the time or space to keep wiping and drying the blade during a busy service..
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