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What angle do I sharpen my knives at?

Tue Sep 24, 2013 2:17 pm

Over the past year I made a couple of purchases with you.
- Masamoto 240mm Gyuto VG-5024 (Dec 2012; order 92418)
- Shun Premier 4pc Steak Knives set (Sept 2013; order 105915)

Can you give me guidance on the bevel set-up so I can properly sharpen these knives?
- Are any single beveled, e.g., sharpen on just one side? If so, should I assume they are right-handed?
- Or should I sharpen them for 15 degree edge on each side?

I bought a Chef's Choice Model 1520 sharpener but don't want to use it before I know more about the knives' edges.
I figured the Masamoto was dual beveled to 15 degree on each side but I had started to sharpen it with an older Chef's choice sharpener and noticed the sharpened surface, where the diamond cutter cut, is thinner on one side than the other suggesting that it might have a single beveled edge

Thank you,


Re: What angle do I sharpen my knives at?

Tue Sep 24, 2013 2:20 pm

Hi Richard,

I recommend you try free hand sharpening on stones. I used to sell the chef's choice sharpener and I think you will get much better results if you learn to sharpen.

In general you don't have to worry too much about the precise angle the factory puts on the edge since you will grind a new edge when you sharpen the knife. 15 degrees is pretty standard although many of the guys on this forum sharpen their knives at more acute angles than this. If you want some tips on sharpening let us know. It's easier than learning how to ride a bike and you will love the results if you learn.

Re: What angle do I sharpen my knives at?

Tue Sep 24, 2013 2:24 pm

Neither the Masamoto VG or the Shun Premier steak knives are single beveled.....both are double beveled knives.

I would not recommend a Chef's Choice for sharpening either.....but it will work at 15 degrees.

The Masamoto is asymmetrically ground, hence the different sized bevels you're seeing. I don't believe the Shun steak knives are though.

A couple of stone's ala:


Would be far more useful and beneficial to these knives than a Chef's Choice. Learning to sharpen on stone's is relatively easy and a lot of fun....plus, you'll get them far sharper than with the Chef's Choice.

If you don't understand asymmetry of knives, either ask, or ignore it as some people do and never have any issues with it.

Re: What angle do I sharpen my knives at?

Tue Sep 24, 2013 3:27 pm

RICHARD <> Please allow my third, the Chef's Choice is NO CHEF'S choice, and it is ostracized my most because they often cause more damage than they are worth.

If you must use it, please be careful to sharpen all the way through the heel as I often see knives that are dished or have a little notch in front of the heel where individuals effectively start their stroke.

I had never heard anyone reference Mark's analogy of freehand sharpening as to riding a bike, but he nailed it. It's too easy. I have been using whetstones since my tweens. I'm a whole lot more proficient 25 years later, but I could improve a knife even at that stage in the game...
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