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What am I missing?

Sun Nov 25, 2012 11:46 am

I don't do much water stone sharpening as I am still learning..
I have to practice, but need to have the right stuff.
I already have a diamond flattening plate, deburring block, and a nice 5K stone I got from you.
I use a small DMT coarse plate as a slurry stone.
I also have a DMT DuoSharp Plus Fine and Extra Fine diamond stone.
I have a Roth combo 250/1500 stone, but it is too small for any blades larger than 6 inches.
I have been successful with Japanese VG steel paring knives using both sides of the Roth, then finish with the 5K stone.
I also have leather strop,strop compound, and diamond micron finishing belts for polishing the edges.
Would the diamond spray be a good stropping choice?
Please recommend a water stone to begin with.
Do I need another intermediate step before I go to the 5000 finish stone?
The hardest part about your site is the maddening amount of choices.
Bob Rossi

Re: What am I missing?

Sun Nov 25, 2012 7:33 pm

Get a shapston glass 1K stone. It is your low-mid weight work horse and you can likely go to the 5000 immediately after. If you want an even more corse stone, then I also have the shapston 320 wich is great for really creating your edge.

It really depends on the steel you are using and the starting condition of your edge. Since the 250/1500 stone is too small you need to concentrate your next purchase in that range and if you still have budget later (and want to go finer) you can worry about that after you have the stones that will get you to the 5k progression. However, with all the stropping stuff you have, you may never need anything finer that the 5k stone (unless you get the sickness like some of the rest of us).

Re: What am I missing?

Mon Nov 26, 2012 9:53 am

What 5,000 grit stone do you have?

Are you looking for a full progression of water stones? Or are you wanting to use the DMT stuff up to some point?

If the Roth 250/1500 is a Japanese grit waterstone, then you don't need anything before the 5,000 most likely. You could, depending on how fine that stone is though.

You really need:

A 500(ish) grit stone for repairs and major thinning

A 1,000(ish) grit stone for basic bevel shaping

A 2,000(ish) grit stone for bevel refinement

A 6,000(ish) grit stone for bevel refinement and finished edge

Anything past that is getting crazy....I like...errr, LOVE....crazy.

So I have a 10,000 grit stone

I also have a felt block for burr removal

Past that, it's experimental for me. I'm not a huge strop fan as I feel I can get a knife more than sharp enough with my 10k SS. But a strop can most likely take you past that. Diamond spray is a great product to use for a loaded strop.

Re: What am I missing?

Mon Nov 26, 2012 4:55 pm

I have a Naniwa S5000 Superstone 210x70x20
I also have a DMT fine, superfine diamond stone.
The Roth stone I have is a combo 250/1500 grit, works well, but it is too small for 8 inch or larger blades. I use it on paring knives, it works good.
I know I need a 1000 grit, and maybe think about adding a 2000 as well, then finish with the 5000, then I can strop on leather, or I have diamond micron finishing belt on a belt sander.
I am pretty good at sharpening with both belt sander and paper wheel systems I have here. I have quite a collection of American steel blades, plus I sharpen for friends.
I have a Haiku VG 10 damascus santoku, and some Calphalon Katana knives that my spouse uses all the time. I have to sharpen them every couple of months.
I stay after my edges, it's a lot easier to keep an edge honed, then to re sharpen it.
I plan to get a serious piece of Japanese steel for myself. This is why I want to get more adept at using waterstones.
I use a Idahohone ceramic rod for all the Japanese steel I have, I also have a regular honing steel, and a diamond steel
Thanks for your reply.
Bob Rossi

Re: What am I missing?

Tue Nov 27, 2012 4:11 pm

Yea, I'd flush out your mid-range stuff before going after those finishers. 5k is a perfectly usable edge for almost anything, and the road that extends beyond that gets expensive fast.

If you feel your 250/1500 is too small consider these CKTG forum favorites in the 1k range.




In between you can throw a 2 or 3k if you like.



How you pick between the brands is a bit experimental w/o having tried them. Shaptons will feel diamond hard in comparison with your Naniwa SS. But, if you like the feel of your 5k, stick within that line. If you don't, try something new.

Once you get it down to 1 or 2 in particular that you are considering and want more notes about the differentiation between particular stone brands, just ask, and I'm sure the guys here will be able to enlighten. This forum really shines as the queries get more specific.

Re: What am I missing?

Tue Nov 27, 2012 5:09 pm

I decided to put the Nubitima Ume 1K medium
and a Shapton Pro 2000x in the shopping cart.
Since I already have a Naniwa SS 5000, I can try 3 different stones and see how I do with them.
I am also getting a Gyuto to use the stones on, waiting for some more feedback from my post on that subject.
Many thanks for the enlightened responses.
Bob Rossi
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