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Western handle upgrade wanted.

Wed Aug 28, 2013 7:00 am

Hi Mark,

Now I'm looking for gyuto 210mm and I think that I will choose one from Hiromoto or Kikuichi to be my next gyuto
but the question is
- I want to make my knife different by changing the handle is that alright with those 2 brands?
- how much do I have to pay extra for the handle including installation and everything?
- how many choices do you have for the handles from cheapest to the most expensive one?
- how long for the process of changing handles?
- can you send me some example of your handles through this email?

thank you so much for your consideration of these questions

Re: Western handle upgrade wanted.

Wed Aug 28, 2013 9:11 am

There are several guys that do custom handle jobs. My first recommendation is you buy the knife you think you want to upgrade and use it for a while and see if you love it. If you do then get it handled. If not, you won't put your money into a knife that isn't a favorite and you can try something else.

It depends on who does the job. There are several guys on this forum that do them. Adam Marr, Tim Johnson, Matt Delosso and Matt Stephens all do them. You can PM any of them and they'll respond.

Ask them.

Ask them.

You can see their work in their subforums.

Sometimes we off these off the shelf with no wait. If you check Adam Marr's page later today I'll have one up that is a 240mm that he did recently. They don't usually last long.
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