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Wanting to upgrade but stuck on a few options...

Sun Dec 09, 2012 9:48 am

I have been using globals and have been wanting to upgrade for a while now. I am vegetarian and prepare all my own meals from scratch everyday so cooking is a big part of my life. I free hand sharpen all my own knives on water stones with good results as well.I want to try out the Aogami super steel for sure and the AEB-L steel sounds like a great one too. I am I am stuck on whether to get a few lower cost knives to try out or get just one of the more expensive knives. I was thinking I could get a Artifex, Fanatic 2 and a Hiromoto AS gyuto To try out a few Different steels and blade types but, I keep going back to the 210mm Kanehiro Wa-gyuto and the 210mm Takeda AS gyuto. The Kanehiro and Takeda blades are so nice. The more I read on the forum the more lost I become. I can't talk myself into a final decision and was hoping maybe you guys/girls could give me the final push one way or the other. Thanks!

Re: Wanting to upgrade but stuck on a few options...

Sun Dec 09, 2012 6:07 pm

If you are confident in your sharpening skills I would recommend getting 1 nice gyuto instead of multiples.
Now which one? It depends on your needs of knife length (210?), right handed or left, max. price?, carbon vs. stainless, and handle style. Carbon steel does reqiure a little more attention and some people don't like the patina look.
Don't forget it has to look cool too. Take what you want to spend, double it and enjoy prep forever.
Wooden cutting board would be excellent investment if you don't already own one. No meat preparation would make it really easy to care for and would be very gentle on the newly invested knife.

Re: Wanting to upgrade but stuck on a few options...

Sun Dec 09, 2012 6:31 pm

DUC <> Of your two, the Kanehiro clad-AOS is frigin workhorse gyuto that gets sickeningly sharp & takes the best edge of any of my dozen or so Japanese knives. It is blade heavy... balanced way ahead of the ferrule. She can use some choil & spine rounding, but an awesome tool nonetheless. She is relatively thick as it is san mai. Sturdy, strong, sharp, solid... all come to mind.

Conversely, the Takeda is thin & light. I don't own a Takeda so I won't say much more than I don't own one for a very specific reason... they are sickening tall. The 210 gyuto is like 58mm tall.

Point being, the Kanehiro & Takeda are worlds apart for that one raeson alone. If you cant make up your mind what knife you want, I'd suggest thinking about that very distinguishing & pertinent fact. Wielding a 48mm tall knife & another an entire cm taller is... I can't even think of an analogy they are such worlds apart.

Re: Wanting to upgrade but stuck on a few options...

Sun Dec 09, 2012 7:23 pm

Mark has Masakage knives coming in that look awesome. The Koishi line is made of Aogami super steel and has a hammered kurouchi finish. There are no images up yet on Marks site, but here is a link to Masakage website.


Hopefully mark knows when these are coming in, because it will add another unique AS option.
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