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Want to explore 1K alternatives

Thu Mar 13, 2014 4:39 pm

I saw a recent post by Sailor where he described the Chosera 1K stone as velvety smooth. This got me thinking.

I have a Shapton Glass 1K and a Nubatama Ume medium 1K. These are my only 1K stones. I really like the Shapton compared to the Nubatama (sorry Ken). The Nubatama feels more scratchy or gritty and a little more noisy when sharpening vs. the Shapton. I like the way the Shapton GS gives me audible feedback and helps me tell when I'm right on the bevel or when I have a bit of burr when switching sides, versus abrading that burr.

Can anyone elaborate on their 1K stone preferences/experiences? It would help is someone (Sailor, I'm thinking of you here) that likes the Shapton GS 500/1K as well can chime in with comparisons.

I'm thinking about the Chosera 1K as an option. I use the Rika 5K successfully, so I can use stones that aren't rock hard. I love the feel of the Rika BTW. I am spoiled by the splash 'n go aspect of the Shapton's, so a stone that doesn't need a long soak is a plus.

As a little more background, I have a Shapton Pro 320, Shapton GS 500 as my coarse stones. I also sometimes use an Atoma 400 plate to set bevels on really dull knives (not mine ;-)).

I currently use the GS 500, GS 1K, Rika 5K, Horse Butt strop if I'm doing a fresh edge on a knife that needs a new bevel OOTB or putting a new edge on a Quick Look video knife for testing.

Thanks to all,

Re: Want to explore 1K alternatives

Thu Mar 13, 2014 5:17 pm

I've used a King 1k, all Nubatama Ume 1k, Nubatama bamboo 1k, Shapton pro 1k, Chosera 800, Arashiyama 1k, Sigma select II 1200, and a ohishi 1k.

Ask me about one and I will give you my opinion.

Re: Want to explore 1K alternatives

Thu Mar 13, 2014 5:22 pm

Jason B. - I know that SteveG has used and given his opinion of the Ume 1k but what do you think of it? Also would be interested in what you think of the Arashiyama 1k.


Re: Want to explore 1K alternatives

Thu Mar 13, 2014 5:49 pm

King 1k needs a considerable soak, ime. Although, not unreasonable.

Cheaper stone, but all I use it for is tough stuff anyway. Nicks, chips, stainless, metal removal...

Wears down pretty fast.

Re: Want to explore 1K alternatives

Thu Mar 13, 2014 6:43 pm

Not exactly an answer to your question Steve, but I just got the 2k Speckled from Mark, only used is a few times but it makes the 1k more useful to me. The 1k behaves more coarse that I expected. The 2k works with it to refine and move into higher grit ranges very well.

I got the 1k because I was frustrated trying to set and refine the bevel on my straight. The 1k cut quickly, dished not at all, but did not segue well with my 4k King. Adding the 2k Ume and the 6k Arashiyama killed my previous combination. FWIW, you might consider adding the 2k to bridge the gap a bit.

I would love your thoughts on your 1k stones.

Re: Want to explore 1K alternatives

Thu Mar 13, 2014 7:03 pm

The King 1k gets dogged a bit when it's actually a pretty good stone. It needs no more soak that 80% of the stones mentioned and for being "slow" it's actually not that slow. It does wear as fast as a clay brick but it's also one of the best stones to bring out the contrast of single bevel knives.

The Arashiyama stone can be thought of as a upgrade to the king stone. Wider, harder, wears slower, cuts a bit faster and still produces a nice mud while being a pleasure to use.

Nubatama bamboo 1k gold, this stone was a hard ceramic-like stone that had a similar feel to a king, mud production like a Chosera and cutting speed of something between. This stone did well for me except it wore quickly and would release random large particles that would produce shiny scratches, this was mostly a issue with larger bevels.

Nubatama Ume speckled 1k, I have used all three hardness variations and prefer the XXHard version. The medium was like the 1k bamboo so for me it was too soft. The hard I could not tell much of a difference with but the XXHard was something to be noticed, it was a lot harder and more resistant to wear but also slightly coarser and faster cutting. By scratch pattern alone it looks like a 800ish grit stone and left a brighter scratch pattern vs the more Kasumi finish of the "softer" Nubatama stones. I really like the aggressive nature of this stone but dislike its coarser grind pattern due to its difficulty to remove with finer stones.

Shapton Pro 1k, hardest stone I have ever used but has that gripping smooth grinding feel of a King. Supreme grinding power able to handle very wear resistant steels. You would probably be wise to flatten these after every use, a dished Shapton would not be fun to flatten.

Sigma select II 1200, a customer brought one of these in for me to try. It was hard like a Shapton but needed to be soaked like a king. It was fast but loaded with all the removed metal and needed diamond plate lapping to remove. I did not like this stone.

Ohishi 1k, I unfortunately had the chance to use these stones. Slower than a King and just overall not impressive.

Chosera 800, the Chosera 1k is the only Chosera stone I have not used. I at first did not like Chosera stones but over time grew to like them and happily recommend them. The whole line has a smooth feel that is very enjoyable. They are hard and wear very slow like shaptons though I wouldn't say they are as hard. They produce a mud/slurry very fast and this can be used for some types of polishing.

I guess I should have just done this from the start but I was being lazy ;)

Overall I would say the Chosera, Shapton, and Ume XXHard have been some of my best 1k (ish) stones.

Re: Want to explore 1K alternatives

Thu Mar 13, 2014 7:07 pm

Thank you Jason b. I was going to ask your opinion on all of these. Very helpful

Re: Want to explore 1K alternatives

Thu Mar 13, 2014 7:32 pm

Thanks Jason. :)

BTW, the Ume 1k speckled I have is also the XX-Hard.

Re: Want to explore 1K alternatives

Thu Mar 13, 2014 7:47 pm

Your welcome :)

Re: Want to explore 1K alternatives

Thu Mar 13, 2014 10:23 pm

I don't have any Chosera so I can't help there and haven't handled as many stones as Jason, but I do own the GS 320/500/1k/2k/4k, pro 220/320/1k/1.5k/2k/5k and Rika.

I like the 1k pro, but don't love it. In general the pro line has more physical feedback, but less sound feedback than the GS line. The 1k lacks the pleasant(to me) feedback found in some other stones in the pro lineup. Under magnification it appears to leave a coarser scratch pattern than the 1k GS. Overall it is a good stone and works well... However, there are other stones in the pro line I prefer.

I absolutely love the 1.5k pro and it's one of my go to stones for a 3 stone setup. It creates slurry slightly faster, dishes near as slow, and has far better feedback(similar to the 2k pro) than the 1k. It is simply a great feeling stone, imo. As expected by it's 1.5k rating the scratch pattern is more refined than the 1k GS. It is much closer to the 1k rather than splitting the difference between the 1k/2k GS. I know it's been said that it was formulated for stainless, but it simply works great on every carbon and stainless steel I have thrown at it. It even worked well on my PM steels(SRS15, SG2, ZDP) before I got my GS stones.

If you haven't noticed, IMHO the 1.5k pro is a fantastic stone(if you like hard stones) and one of the best in the pro lineup. ;)
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