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 Post subject: T-F Nashiji & Maboroshi: side by side
PostPosted: Sat May 23, 2015 9:56 am 

Joined: Mon Apr 20, 2015 3:31 pm
Posts: 273
Location: Oslo, Norway
Hey everyone!
Yesterday I received the 210 Nashiji and 210 Maboroshi gyutos. There has been a lot of talk about these knives and the variation in finsih, geometry etc.
Thought I would provide the specs for the ones I received. The Maboroshi is a wedding gift for a friend, so I haven't tried it out. I have some pictures, but apparently they were in too high resolution/size to be able to upload them. If someone less tech-challenged than me could give me some pointers how to fix this I could upload something should people want to see.

That being said:
Blade length: Nashiji; about 212mm, Maboroshi; 210mm
Blade height at heel: Nashiji; about 52mm, Maboroshi; 1-2 mm shorter
Weight: Nashiji; 137grams, Maboroshi; 174 grams (1 Oz is 28,35 grams so those who wish can do the math)

The two knives are surprisingly similar in profile. Both have a quite nice continuous gentle curve with no large flatspots. The blade profiles look really nice to me with no particular spots that stand out. The Nashiji rocks very nice and evenly.
The Maboroshi is quite a bit thicker at the spine, and has a more hefty feel. Quite a bit heavier. The balance point on both knives are also very similar, slightly in front of my pinch grip. Eventhough the weight difference is quite large for two knives with basicly identical size, both feel very good and balanced in the hand.
The edge bevels on both knives are very uneven, especially on the right side of the blades. The bevels are also wider on this side.
The grinds look a bit more even on the Maboroshi to my eye. With my limited experience I find it hard to judge grinds and geomtery.
i was very happy with the finish on both knives. The Maboroshi is smoother all over.

I won't go into cutting performance on the Nashiji too much, as this is my first hand-made carbon knife, so I can't really compare it to other gyutos in the same category(obviously a different league than anything I have touched previously. I even laughed out loud at one point). As a reference, I have previously used the Sakai Takayuki damascus 240(AEBL) Wa gyuto, Misono 440 series, Fujiwara FKM 210, and the cheapest Masahiro line.

Both knives came sharper than anything I have handled by a mile.

There it is!

 Post subject: Re: T-F Nashiji & Maboroshi: side by side
PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2015 3:18 pm 

Joined: Sun Dec 30, 2012 5:01 pm
Posts: 999
Location: ATL
Halfdan - Please update your helpful thread (including pictures) once you've had some time with both versions. I'd enjoy hearing your thoughts on the similarities and differences.

 Post subject: Re: T-F Nashiji & Maboroshi: side by side
PostPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2015 6:14 am 

Joined: Mon Apr 20, 2015 3:31 pm
Posts: 273
Location: Oslo, Norway
So after having used the Nashiji for a while I have some notes for those who might be interested.
I noticed a marked decrease in sharpness after the first light use. This made no sense to me given the reports of excellent edge retention.
Under a strong source of light I saw those dreaded and much hated thin slivers of steel reflecting light. Turned out it came with a rather bad wire edge.
I tried several sessions of light stropping on a Kitayama and a loaded felt strop, but those slivers proved very tenacious. I finally got rid of most of it with light sharpening and edge leading strokes on the Kitayama. The edge however had a lot of micro chipping, so I'm gonna have to put a new edge on it much sooner than I had hoped. This sucks, because with my sharpening skills I won't be able to get nearly as good of an edge as I experienced during the first use.. That was effortless cutting like I didn't think was possible. But I guess it's a learning process and something you have to go through.

The grinds on the knife look very strange, uneven etc., but it just performs brilliantly. On the left side of the blade there is much less convexing and it looks more flat. Don't know if this is normal. On the right side there are two areas with overgrind, one towards the heel and one close to the tip. Not too much.
Just more flat than the convex the rest of the right side had. It aces the potato test as well as any video I have seen of other knives.

The knife is much thinner overall than I was expecting. Perhaps this is why it's lighter than the specs on the product page here, eventhough it's taller. So far I haven't had any wedging in any product I have tried, not even on thick, dense carrots etc. Haven't put it through something really tall like head of cabbage yet for instance. There is no steering I can detect. It goes effortlessly where I want it and it makes me believe I have much better technique than I probably do. I'm still hesitant when it comes to "letting go" completely and let it fly. I guess I still don't have the confidence for that:)

As for the Maboroshi, I hope I'll get to try it within the next few weeks. Talked to my friend(who got it as a wedding gift) yesterday and he loves it. His edge has held up well. I'm really looking forward to testing his knife. It was much thicker and almost 40 grams heavier with basically identical size. Don't know
if this is a normal discrepancy between the two lines from T-F. With my limited experience, his knife looks more like what i gather is a workhorse, while mine seems closer to the laser categorization.

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