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Ultimatum Stainless

Thu Aug 15, 2013 9:03 am

Hi mark,

greetings to you,

i am from hong kong, and an lefty

from the forums i found that a lot of them (BDL especially) buy top notch japanese knifes from your website store, i am very impress and i would very much love to own one myself.

so i have a question to enquire, i actually love cooking and i want to have a good piece of chef knife myself. i am not in the culinary field, but i worked in pro kitchens in restaurants before, so i have a OK knife skills. the sharpening issue i am gonna get a Edge pro, which leads to the first question if its a good idea for sharpening excellent knifes with such system. (i do hand sharpening from time to time but am no expert in it)

then, i want to ask if i do want to get your ultimatium stainless steel for home use, i suppose the basic 8" one will do, what's the possible way of getting it? what will be the cost? and since HK is a humid place and my knife will be used by my wife and i, it has to withstand some "mis-use", esp from my wife, whom doesn't cook as much as i do.

also, the most important question, i saw BDL saying the knife has a curve on the side, espeically to the right side, so that the food will not stick to the blade, what if a lefty like me is using it?

hope you can let me know!

thank you and hope to hear from you soon!

Best regards,

Re: Ultimatum Stainless

Thu Aug 15, 2013 9:04 am

Hi Kevin,

Yes we have the Ultimatum in Stainless steel. You can find it here:

This one is slightly bigger at about 9 inches but that is the only size we have for this knife.

I'll tell BDL you said hello. :)

Re: Ultimatum Stainless

Thu Aug 15, 2013 10:00 am

I'm a lefty too. Whatever the convex geometry on the right face of the Ultimatum does for right handed users, it doesn't hurt us.

Considering that the Ultimatum is not at all thin, a left-handed users might expect food to stick to the (fairly flat ground) right face, but that hasn't been a problem for me. Technique helps too: If you keep your knife straight up and down, keep it moving, and finish with a glide (or draw), that will minimize sticking as well.

The shape of the knife makes it a natural for people who use a gliding action. I do, and that's one of the things I like most about it.

Like so many other things about the knife, the 245mm lengths is part of its versatility. If it were shorter, it wouldn't have enough flat; if it were longer it would turn into a heavy and awkward chef-de-chef. As it stands, it's the same usable length as any of the so-called 10" chef's knives in my motley collection of old and new Sabatiers.

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