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Tojiro vs Fujiwara

Sun Jul 22, 2012 12:12 pm

Hello all, I am new to this forum. I recently developed an obsession with J-knives and I need a recommendation for my first love. I have been doing mass amounts of research and watching countless videos. It is getting all jumbled to the point where I can't commit to the purchase. A bit of background - I have intermediate knife skills and sharpening skills, and this knife will be used at home only. I do have it narrowed down to two choices: Tojiro DP 240mm and Fujiwara FKM 240mm. Initially, I really wanted to get the Tojiro because it was a top seller, has harder VG10 steel, and has many great reviews. I also liked Tojiro because they have a matching, top selling Nakiri which I am interested in. However, with some digging around I found that some people have problems with the handle being too big and blocky. My hands are relatively small so I fear this may keep me from loving the knife as I should. Also, I read that it may be prone to chipping. This has caused me to lean more toward the Fujiwara FKM. I reluctantly give up hardness for F&F. The FKM is also a little cheaper so I can put that toward the saya. Although not as popular as the Tojiro, it seems to have solid reviews. So I was ready to pull out the credit card until I read in another post that Mark prefers the Tojiro because it feels more robust. Now I have cold feet lol. :?

In summary: My budget is around $100 (up to $130 if it is worth the extra). I want a 240mm gyuto that will take and retain a razor edge for medium home use. F&F is a factor in my decision along with durability. It would be nice to have matching knives but not a big deal. I am open to other brand suggestions. PLEASE HELP!

Re: Tojiro vs Fujiwara

Sun Jul 22, 2012 12:45 pm

You're not going to go wrong with the Fujiwara. The smaller handle is a plus and they tend to have a little better fit and finish. Tojiros rarely chip so that is not an issue.

My Artifex has better steel than both of these in the same price range but it's a bolsterless knife (I did this to keep the costs down).

Re: Tojiro vs Fujiwara

Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:25 am

Thank you for the feedback Mark. Your opinion means a lot to me considering I have been watching your Youtube videos religiously. I am still deciding which one I would like. I really did want the Tojiro just so I can match the Nakiri I plan on buying. I wish I knew someone with a Tojiro so I could get a feel for the handle everyone is complaining about. I have never really paid attention to a knife handle before. I use Dexter Russell knives at work and those handles are HUGE. I might just have to toss a coin for this one hahaha. As for your Artifex, I am interested but I will probably purchase that at a later time. For my home, I want knives with more aesthetic value. I did suggest the Artifex to a friend, however. He is a teppanyaki chef that does a lot of prep work so I showed him the videos of the Artifex and told him to get one.

Another question: I am looking for a new combo stone. I saw the King 800/6000 but is that too much of a gap? I know Murray Carter suggests 1000/6000 then stropping on a newspaper and that was the system I planned on using. Some feedback on this would be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind I am on a budget. Best value for the money is what I am looking for

Re: Tojiro vs Fujiwara

Mon Jul 23, 2012 3:24 pm

I prefer the Imanishi combo to the King but the King one works fine.
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