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Tojiro Questions

Wed Nov 14, 2012 2:17 pm


I am interested in ordering some Tijiro knives for my boyfriend for Christmas and have a few questions.

Do all the Tijiro knives have both the kanji and america logo?
Any idea when the Tijiro Pro Roller sharpener & Serrated Bread Knife (215mm) will be back in stock? (Before Christmas?)
If I purchase the Chef (240mm), Sujihiki (240mm) and the ITK Bread (270mm) will these fit in a traditional knife block?
Are the steak knives available in a 6 piece set or open stock? (I only see a 4 piece set on the site).
I am interest in a knife that will slice through roasted pork cleanly without shredding it. Is the sujihiki best for this?

Your help with these questions is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Re: Tojiro Questions

Wed Nov 14, 2012 2:22 pm

Hi Stephanie,

We asked Tojiro to just put the Kanji on the knives so there is no English on ours. Most of our customers like it that way and requested it.

Yes we will have them back in stock on Monday.

Yes they all should fit. The bread knife might be tricky but it should fit if you have an open large slot.

If you want 6 steak knives email me before you place the order and I'll take 2 out of a set for you. Or you could just add a couple of the F-802 utility knives. They would work just fine as a steak knife and you can use them for other stuff too.

Yes it's a slicing knife and that is what I would use.

Re: Tojiro Questions

Wed Nov 14, 2012 4:49 pm

I have one of the Shun Bamboo blocks and I have my ITK Bread Knife in the upper right hand slot. It doesn't slide all of the way in IIRC, but it's the un sharpened portion that sticks out. I think it will fit into one of the wider slots, but those are taken up. I will double check when I am at the block next.
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