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To Convex bevel or Not

Sat Aug 31, 2013 4:01 am

I am new to using Japanese stones and have so far done the majority of my bevels as straight angles mainly so that I can learn to discipline my control .
I have done a couple of knives with convex bevels one was a hunting knife whose spine is 5mm and had little taper to a V ground bevel near 50˚ it was virtually blunt more like an axe so I re profiled the right hand side thinning from just below the spine to the edge and then convexing the lower third to the edge then putting a convexed micro bevel probable about 5-8˚, the left side I convexed the lower 25% and the put a convex bevel probable of about 10˚near the point terminating at the handle at about 15˚ the result is a razor it just slips through paper & feather sticking is effortless.

The question is that at my stage of sharpening with Japanese stones I am getting sharper edges with convex bevels this is not to say that I am trying to achieved an equal level of sharpness with flat bevels I imagine that will come plus I imagine that a Japanese knife like a Fugubiki has to have flat bevels or even Yangi to function properly ?

I think I already have the answer and that is I should work at flat bevels especially for finer quality Japanese knives.

Re: To Convex bevel or Not

Tue Sep 03, 2013 2:50 am

Unless it is a chisel ground knife I prefer all my edges convexed - but I do have a variable speed RadiusMaster to do the job.
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