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TKC vs Ginga

Wed Apr 03, 2013 9:26 pm

Hi. Can anyone compare the Kikuichi TKC with the Gesshin Ginga for quality, cutting, etc.?

Re: TKC vs Ginga

Thu Apr 04, 2013 7:02 am

Never tried the Gesshin knives....sorry!! Hopefully someone will come along that has tried both, but if not and you still have questions, perhaps call Jon @ JKI, I'm sure he'd know.

Re: TKC vs Ginga

Thu Apr 04, 2013 7:58 am

Presumably you're asking about the Gesshin Ginga wa-gyuto?

The Ginga is a laser with everything that implies. The TKC is a fairly thin, fairly light gyuto, but is no laser. The only wa-gyuto equivalent to the Ginga in CKtG's stock is the Konosuke wa-gyuto. The Ginga is stainless, the Konosuke is HD, and I prefer the feel of HD on the stones to stainless -- but otherwise there's no notable difference in edge taking or holding. Either will get as sharp as your sharpening abilities will take a knife. Both are excellent knives which share so many characteristics that I'm not sure it's fair to say one is better than the other.

Because of its geometry, a laser will continue to act sharper than a non-laser even after it beings to dull. A laser is no less durable than any other light weight knife. I.e., they don't chip more easily, they can be used to smash garlic, etc. However, because they are so thin lasers are relatively flexible and will bind if they are not kept straight in the cut.

If you don't have very good knife skills, AND can't take the time to be aware of what you're doing, a laser is not for you. For instance, a laser wouldn't be a good choice for someone under the pressure of cooking on the line who did not have excellent skills. On the other hand, a laser could be a good choice for a home cook with even below average skills, as long as (s)he was willing to take the time to make sure (s)he wasn't racking or torquing the knife.

By way of example, I'm not under time pressure have very good skills and cut everything -- including thick-skinned squash -- with my lasers which doesn't have bones.

That doesn't mean you want or need a laser. Some people want a knife with a little more substance. In the world of thin, light, but not quite laser wa-knives, the TKC is one of the best.

If the Kikuichi TKC has any competition, it's the Kagayaki CarboNext; which is another semi-stainless wa-gyuto of similar weight sold by JKC. The CarboNext is a good performer and very similar to the TKC in many ways. I don't know enough about either knife to go into a detailed comparison but my overall impression is that while the CarboNext is a great value, and much cheaper than the TKC, it's also much cheaper -- and you get what you pay for.

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