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The rabbit hole deepens.

Mon Aug 26, 2013 8:25 pm

Loving sharpening.

Recently I've been cooking with a lot of Tomatos. In Spring, I was cutting a lot of Onions and had pretty much settled on an edge I was getting sharpening on a 1K then stropping on a 6K. Was rotating between a Bamboo 5K, King 6K and a Meara.

My knife was feeling a little dull this evening so I stropped on the Bamboo 5k to bring it back. It was better but not great, so just for grins, grabbed the Rika 5K ( wish they would just call it a 3K ) and gave it a few strops on that. Awesome results.

After dinner, I grabbed a bunch of grape Tomatoes and re sharpened the knife on the 1K and stropped on the Bamboo 5K, then resharpened on the 1K and stropped on the King 6K, and on and on testing by cutting Tomatoes between each sharpening.

At the end of it, I definitely prefer the 1K strop on Reka 5K edge for Tomatoes. Not the same result I got with Onions in the Spring.

So I got some Onions out, and ran the test again. Ended up liking the true 5k / 6K edges for them over the Rika.

This is great.... and this is bad. It looks like I am going to need a bunch of knives specifically sharpened for the foods I want to cut ;)
Oh the pain, the joy, the pain, the joy. Lucky I love sharpening :lol:

Speaking of the Rika. That thing cuts so fast. Is anyone using it as a touch up stone?

Re: The rabbit hole deepens.

Fri Aug 30, 2013 2:14 am

I'll touch up on a Rika when my edge has degraded to that range. My edge makes the decision as to what is needed to touch it up; not a predetermined stone. The Rika is a really fun, functional, & versatile stone though...
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