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Tanaka Sekiso Gyuto review!!

Sun Aug 26, 2012 7:22 am

I got my Tanaka Sekiso 240mm gyuto in this week and finally got to use it. I am blown away. Sharpest knife I have ever gotten OOTB and it even was sticking a bit in my cutting board, which I rarely experience, even after I fully sharpen up my blades! The blade was a bit beefier than I had imagined, but the grind is done very well as a convex grind and a very tiny edge bevel. Food falls away or slides off the blade easily and the blade just glides through food. I found that if I went too fast while cutting, food started to fly off of the blade! The layers of the steel help reduce stiction due to the tiny bumps between the different layers and I could see the food bending slightly away as I was cutting with it due to the convex grind. I have heard people talking about how Laser gyuto's can have more stiction and wedging because they are thinner and have less material to convex and thicker gyutos cutting better due to the convex grind and now I see what they are talking about!! Onions, mushrooms, carrots and potatoes were no match and the gyuto did almost as well as my Tanaka Nakiri!! Effortless cutting with this blade! It is now my go to Gyuto!!

Re: Tanaka Sekiso Gyuto review!!

Tue Aug 28, 2012 6:40 pm

I'm really happy you like it Tim. I'm always suprised these don't sell faster than they do. Tanaka's blades perform really well, even their cheap ones like the kurouchi line.
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