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Takeda Nakiri vs Bunka

Wed Oct 16, 2013 7:35 am


I have found the nakiri style Japanese knife to be very versatile for my purposes and in addition double beveled, a real help for a left hander. I want to step up from my starter nakiri, the Tojiro DP. There are a lot of quality candidates in this category but, encouraged by your video review of the Takeda stainless clad nakiri, I decided on that one.

However, everyone else seems to have had the same idea and the Takeda nakiri is back-ordered. Your inventory shows that you have the Takeda stainless bunka, however, and my question is: how close are these two knives in their characteristics? Same slight belly? Same release character? Is the fact that the bunka is lighter and thinner a detriment? (I’m just a home cook and want a little heft to help).

How long is the expected back-order on the Takeda nakiri?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Robert Barbarin

Re: Takeda Nakiri vs Bunka

Wed Oct 16, 2013 7:37 am

Hello, yes Takeda is slowly increasing production the new stainless clad knives and we'll have more in a few weeks. But I encourage you to try the Bunka. It's similar in size and general utility to the nakiri except it has a cool looking tip.
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