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Takeda Gyuto Questions

Sun Dec 23, 2012 12:00 pm

Hi Mark,
I am a returning customer/previous purchase konosuke hd 270 suji.
I am considering a Takeda gyuto AS 240 or 270.
This is all out of want /no need.
I have a relative new K Sabatier 10" chef carbon and a Sabatier K 10" antique Canadian also carbon...also have an old Nogent slicer.
The antique Canadian is much lighter (181 grams) than the newer Sab (268 grams)...both have good balance...difference in weight may be due to the steel ferrule and thicker bolster and tang of the new Sab. The blade on the Canadian is also a bit more delicate/thinner. Both are about 1 3/4" mid-blade width.
I guess the interest in the Takeda (other than the artisan/personal quality of construction)
is the type if carbon steel and the apparent greater width of the blade.
I also looked at the Moritaka KS 250mm...the Takeda is wider?
Could you:
1. Tell me the approx. mid-blade width of a 240+ mm knife in stock (I realize that the custom nature will.
2. The weight.
Also, I like the length of my Sabs, but the 270mm Takeda may be a little too much...?
3. Takeda vs Moritaka and geometry compared to K Sab 10" chef.
The 270 kono suji I purchased from you is a great knife!
I am just a home cook and a guy that enjoys a good knife/cooking, hunting, utility. A $300 plus knife is definitely a luxury, but at 60.5 years old, what the heck.
I will appreciate your thoughts and your time.
Merry Christmas,

Re: Takeda Gyuto Questions

Sun Dec 23, 2012 1:29 pm

The Takeda is definitely wider.

Re: Takeda Gyuto Questions

Mon Dec 24, 2012 12:06 pm

Yes they are two knives that are very different. Takeda'as knives is really tall and the Moritaka is much more streamlined.

The Moritaka and Sabatier blade profiles are similar.

The height of the Takeda is 58mm Tall vs about 47mm tall for the Moritaka.

Re: Takeda Gyuto Questions

Tue Dec 25, 2012 9:28 am

The Takeda is a brilliant workhorse. I use my 270 for 8-10 hours every day of pretty heavy prepwork (tons of veg prep). It holds its edge better than any other knife that I have used and think that anyone who gets one will be happy with it. I was surprised that it was relatively easy to sharpen, and I got used to the non-western handle very quickly. I also highly recommend getting a custom saya from Burke Cutlery, super happy with mine.
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