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Takeda Bano Bunka

Sat Dec 08, 2012 2:08 pm

1. What are its intended uses? It looks like a Santoku, but it has an inverted sharp point??
2. Are the core and claddings all stainless, or is there carbon steel subject to rust?
3. What is the finish, e.g. hammered, Damascus, mirror oldish, carbon steel black?

Many thanks,


Re: Takeda Bano Bunka

Sat Dec 08, 2012 2:12 pm

Hi Gary,

This is a general purpose knife similar to a Santoku but with a cool and aggressive tip.

No, this is a carbon steel knife with reactive iron cladding. The knife has a thin coat of lacquer on it to keep it from rusting but that will eventually wear off. To care for this knife simply use it, wash it and wipe it dry.

The knife is hammered out and has what is called a kurouchi finish which is what the black stuff is on the blade. It has an elemental hand made look to the knife.

They're really good knives and I encourage you to give one a try. Shosui Takeda and his small shop do excellent work and they're unique.

Re: Takeda Banno Bunka

Sat Dec 08, 2012 2:54 pm

Tks, Mark for the quick reply. Help, anyone.

For vegetable, potato and fruit chopping, I'm debating ordering from CNTG between this sharp nose Takeda (second imperfect) Banno Bunko 160mm 6.3", the Shun Priemier Damscus Hammered 5.5" 140mm Nakiri, or the Sakei Takayuki 180mm 7" Damascus Nakiri.

I realize the Takeda is carbon steel with a lacquer finish and the others are stainless.

Can anyone help me with impressions, advice or reviews? Which is the most visually appealing; which the best in action?

Disclaimer: Yes, I am a n00b and have only been studying a week. I am an amateur home gourmet cook. Morever, Westhof Classic and Henkels are the best I own. I have a Shun 6" hollowed chef's knife on order. I use a Chef's Choice 130 three stage electric sharpener and a Henkels steel rod. I've ordered a ceramic rod @ 1200 grit and think I need to buy and learn to use a 1000/4000 combo whetstone, or else send the knives in to be sharpened as needed.


Re: Takeda Bano Bunka

Mon Dec 10, 2012 8:33 am

Visually appealing is so personal....but I prefer the Takeda's kurouchi finish to the others.

Never used the Sakai nakiri, and the Shun nakiri is just too short.....the Takeda would have to be the best in action based on my experience.

I would avoid using that Chef's Choice on a Takeda unless my life depended on it. You'll definitely need stones of some kind if the Takeda is the direction you go.

p.s. Here is another option:

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