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Thu Jun 07, 2012 7:36 am

So on two occasions, I have spent a few days with the Suisin Inox 270 Wa-Gyuto. Unfortunately for me, these weren't busy days, but I did get through some product. Overall, I was utterly pleased with how it fit me... worked for me.

I have since gone through quite a bit of product with the Konosuke HD240 Wa-Funayuki, and I am suprisingly pleased with how it fit me as I don't typically like 240's. I am reckoning it is the atypical profile making the difference.

Now... as I am interested in acquiring a 270, therein lies my quandary:
#1 - The Suisin I know I like. The Suisin is almost twice the price. :shock:
#2 - The KonoHD Wa-Gyuto is available to purchase now. 8-) I love the HD steel. I have never processed with the Kono Gyuto profile though & I'm wondering after laying my 240 Funa on the Suisin Gyuto how similar the 270's gyutos profiles' are as the Suisin actually has a flatter profile & thinner tip (last 1/3) like a funayuki. The listed height on the Kono is 51mm, and I measured the Suisin @50 but it's old. So heel wise, I know I'll be happy with the Kono Gyuto. The difference is the Suisin has that ever so slight yet curiously effective ascending concave in its spine which raises the tip off grip centerline.
#3 - The KonoHD Funa is becoming available in a long while which I am willing, read forced, to wait for because I know how much I love the profile, but I know I love said profile on the 240. I wonder about a 270... only because I know I enjoy the Suisin gyuto profile.

SO... :P anyone have both knives, know how similar the Kono & Suisin are in profile, and are willing to share their opinion?


Tue Jun 12, 2012 12:26 am

ive owned and used konosuke hd funayuki 240mm gyuto, konosuke white 2 270 gyuto and suisin inox 270 gyuto. the hd steel is hands down my favorite steel of the 3. the regular konosuke gyuto profile may have just a little more curve towards the tip than the suisin. the konosuke funayuki profile to me was perfect. it has a longer flat spot which i appreciated. the only reason i sold it was i felt the 240mm length was too short for me. thankfully, mark will be stocking konosuke hd funayuki 270 gyutos in the future due to some requests. suisin inox has my favorite stock handles though, nice and roomy without add weight. and the suisin steel along with devin thomas aeb-l is about as good as stainless gets. but again, that hd steel is really special and it performs like terrific carbon along with being semi stainless so I like it just a little bit more than suisins swedish steel. If I were you I would just wait for the funayuki 270mm to come out. theyre gonna be awesome.


Tue Jun 12, 2012 1:12 am

LABOR <> I concur.


Tue Jun 12, 2012 2:07 am

FWIW i really really liked suisin inox. theyre known for some of the highest standards for fit and finish of any production knife and it shows in the knife. but honestly, using a knife in a pro kitchen environment what i look for above all else is pure cutting ability, ease of sharpening, and edge retention. In these areas the kono hd and suisin inox are really close. the kono hd can probably get sharper quicker and the suisin might have a tad better retention, but its close. i just know i really like the feel of the kono hd steel on the stones more than suisins. so my conclusion is that even though there can be as much as 200-250 dollar difference in price between the 2 knife lines the performance felt about the same in my experience. so with the extra money for a suisin youre getting better quality control, fit and finish, and a very nice handle.


Tue Jun 12, 2012 2:19 am

I agree in regards to stone feedback & retention comparison, and in fact the HD(2) is said to have better retention. I agree that their performance is on par with each other, as well. I also agree, the more completely rounded spine/choil, the well fitting saya, the feel of the 19c27 is definitely of higher fit/finish. The handle surprised the hell outta me that I liked it considering the huge diameter, but I do. My curiosity is mostly profile in this thread. I own and love the 240 funayuki, I have used and love the 270 inox. Just curious about both 270 gyutos on top of each other and how similar their profiles are. The 270 funayuki I'm waiting to see...


Wed Jun 13, 2012 1:44 pm

Been wondering about the same knives myself. Very informative thread, guys. Tnx.


Thu Jun 14, 2012 11:35 am

Not that I have a huge base of knowledge on the matter, but I can surely give a ringing endorsement of the konosuke hd line -- I have a 300 suji and a 240 gyuto. They take a really good edge (and it's not hard to get there) and seem to hold it well. The level of care is minimal.

I hope you find something with which you're pleased!
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