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Suggestions on knives to complete my collection

Sat Jun 14, 2014 3:18 pm

I currently have the following knives in my collection:

Takeda Sasanoha 210 Classic

Konosuke White #2 Gyuto 210

Takamura Migaki Santoku R2

Kohetsu Petty 120 HAP40

Masakage Koishi Petty 75

Takeda Honesuki Classic

I do not want to spend too much more on knives and I do not what to buy to many new knives either, so i'd prefer 1 or 2 quality more expensive knives rather than 3 or 4 cheaper ones.

Actually all my knives cover my basic culinary needs, however i've been using them for only couple of month and there may be need for something that I have not yet performed.

I was actually thinking about a knife for breaking fish and meet with bones. I've been doing chicken with Honesuki and its quite nice.

Deba would be one option, but it is a rather specific knife and I do not do that much of fish...

Therefore I'm considering a 140-160 mm thin and flexible petty. I can do heavy staff like cutting a head of with my Honesuki and then proceed with a flexible knife, which could be used on meat as well.

Does it sound reasonable to you? Or should i go with Deba?

For the second knife i'm considering a slicer but i'm not sure if Suji or Yanagi would do something that my Gyuto or Sasanoha would not do? If so which slicer would be more universal?

Maybe its more reasonable to skip slicer and go with Deba and flexible petty in stead?

Any other comments are also welcome.

Please note that I prefer carbon steel and japanese style handle and blades.

Also please list any available flexible pettys as it is hard to judge by the discription available on the site.


Re: Suggestions on knives to complete my collection

Sat Jun 14, 2014 3:40 pm

Mikhail - Are you saying that most/all of the knives listed you've acquired within the past few months? If so my suggestion is enjoy what you have for a while instead of scratching that itch. How are you on cutting boards, sharpening supplies, pots/pans? :) Your opening sentence suggests you don't want to waste $ on unnecessary acquisitions, then you go back and forth on what you may or may not need. Let me be the voice of reason, you have a great collection that many would love to have. Enjoy them and the gaps (if any) will come forward.

Re: Suggestions on knives to complete my collection

Sat Jun 14, 2014 5:03 pm

Your knives run to the short side. Have you considered a slicer, either a 270 gyuto or a 270+ suji?

Re: Suggestions on knives to complete my collection

Sat Jun 14, 2014 9:15 pm

You've got nothing soft and heavy. Get a heavy German 8-incher. I posed a similar question a day or so ago about a deba recommendation and realized what I was looking for was already in my block, not to mention serving its purpose well (Global Sai 7.5 inch chef. Heavy weight and soft by standards of this forum, but you can get a similar knife for way less than $200).

Re: Suggestions on knives to complete my collection

Sat Jun 14, 2014 9:33 pm

Also, out of curiosity, why did you get the Migaki Santoku? I'm not a huge fan of santokus to begin with, but the tip is the most exciting part of a laser and a santoku's is lacking vs. a chef's. I suppose, what did you envision using a Takamura santoku for that you would not use a Konosuke gyotu for? Beyond that, if you wanted a shorter knife with more height for veggies, wouldn't a convex blade nakiri make more sense as a flat edge profile compliment to the gyuto? Really just curios what your thought process was behind the collection as it is relevant to a topic on another thread about utility vs. collecting. Completely fine if you just like the knife and want it, but sounds like you are trying to compile a set of role playing knives.

Re: Suggestions on knives to complete my collection

Sun Jun 15, 2014 1:06 am

Snipes, it’s kind of hard to stop when you’ve started! :) the thing is that I’m now doing more cooking than I’ve ever been and I’m enjoying using my knives! I’m now thinking to buy fresh fish and doing processing myself, but I’m not sure which knife to use for that purpose… and that is one of my main questions. I do have a decent cutting board and other cutlery.

Tall Dark and Swarfy, I’ve been also thinking about it… but it looks to me that a flexible Petty or a Deba would be more universal and are harder to substitute with Gyutos that I already have.

ChipB, would German be any good at breaking down fish?

As for Migaki – it was one of my first purchases and I bought it to try out the steel and to compare it to other knives style and handle wise. I was not sure about carbon kitchen knives at the time. Now I would have made a different choice. Not to say that Migakis are bad, I think that for the price and performance – these are the best stainless knives available at the site and I would recommend them to anyone who is not ready to treat carbon steel knives properly. Though for myself I prefer carbon knives – they are just much more fun to use.

Re: Suggestions on knives to complete my collection

Sun Jun 15, 2014 8:10 am

Gotcha, makes sense. Think a decent German, if kept in good shape is more than fine for cutting fish steaks. A knife that was recommended to me as a durable all-around meat machine is the Tojiro DP Western Deba. Ultimately, I decided to just to keep rolling with my 8 inch Henckels International and Global Sai 7.5 inch chef's for duty work. As I said before, the Sai is actually a pretty damn good heavy knife at 59 HRC (not too soft not too hard), but you can get the DP Western Deba in a larger format for less and it's probably a better blade.

Re: Suggestions on knives to complete my collection

Sun Jun 15, 2014 9:22 am

Unfortunately they do not ship Tojiro knives outside US. :?

So its either Deba or German... i will have to look more into it.

What about flexible boning-like 150 petty? Any ideas?

And also what about Tanake Deba vs Richmond vs Kaneshige?
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