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Stropping and other accessories

Thu Oct 25, 2012 9:13 am

Hi Mark!
Wanna strat of with that im very happy with the laser 270. been useing it alot lately and yesterday that sucker took off a nice chunk of my finger :).
i wanted to ask you about a few things.
i just started with straight razors and sharpening them. using a naniwa 1000k then a belgian Coticule and finnishing with a Japanese Natural Wherstone calld Toishi Ozuku Asagi H5+++, and this japan stone is crazy hard. and wanted to ask if you have a slurrystone for it? i would aslo want to ask about the handamerican strop kit, if i could use that strop as a finnish and would the results be better if so. The order i would want is gonna look like this.

Chu Nagura if you recomend it for my finnishing stone.
HandAmerican Strop Kit with 0.25 micron i guess
Camelia Oil
20X Loupe

Kind Regards


Re: Stropping and other accessories

Thu Oct 25, 2012 9:19 am

Hi M.

Yes I think all of the items you are looking at will be of use for you. Stropping your straight razor is a great way to finish the edge and is also essential to maintaining it between honing sessions. Just a few light strops before you shave should keep the edge nice and sharp and it will clean up any minor imperfections in the edge as it is used.

We just got a nice and somewhat rare negura that works really well with super fine and hard naturals called the Uchigamura. You can see it here:

I only have a couple of these and I'm not sure how much more I can get.

I have 1 bottle of camelia oil left so I took it out of stock so you can buy it. If you want it just write me a note in the "comments" box and I'll add it to your order.

I'm really happy you like my Laser. Please let me know if you have any questions. :)

Re: Stropping and other accessories

Thu Oct 25, 2012 6:36 pm

The Ozuku Asagi is a good choice for straight razors because it is a hard and fine natural. Ideally you would use a piece of Ozuku Asagi to rub against the larger stone, referred to as a tomonagura.

The uchigumori is used for polishing the sides of a knife or sword to enhance contrast and bring out the beauty of the steel. The Uchigumori Mark has is a soft Uchigumori - ideal for this polishing use but not really something to use as a nagura stone. Classically at least. Good uchigumori is becoming increasingly rare so if you have an interest in aesthetic sharpening, get it while you can. You could always experiment :) If you need some Ozuku Asagi tomonagura, just send me a PM. Highly recommended for this usage to get more out of your Ozuku Asagi. Now you can use a true nagura in conjunction with stones like the Ozuku Asagi, like Koma Nagura or Botan Nagura (which I have), but this results in a coarser slurry that using an Ozuku Asagi tomonagura.

For straight razors, do consider the finer CBN and polycrystalline diamond. Compounds finer than 1/4 micron are all the rage on the straight razor forums these days, going as fine as 0.025 microns - 10x finer than the 1/4 micron products. A particularly nice combination past 1/4 micron is 0.1 micron CBN followed by 0.025 micron Polycrystalline diamond - both on nanocloth or kangaroo.

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