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Stone recommendation

Tue Jul 30, 2013 12:29 pm

STONE question for you. I have a King combo stone, and want to make a big step up, would you recommend the Mr. Knife Fanatic set?

Re: Stone recommendation

Tue Jul 30, 2013 2:50 pm

This is the set: http://www.chefknivestogo.com/mrfa3stcoset.html

It contains the Latte 400, Green Brick and Snow White. It will improve your results quite a bit over the king combo I would suspect.

Re: Stone recommendation

Tue Jul 30, 2013 4:48 pm

JOHN DOE <> A tailored recommendation can only be offered if we know what combo stone you have, what knives you're sharpening, and what you want out of your knives (i.e. what you're cutting). Might sound silly, but true...

1) Which King combo: 250/1000, 800/4000, 1000/6000, 1200/8000.?!
2) You have german knives (e.g., Wusthof, Henkel, etc.), or JapaneseKnives (if so, what knives/steel)?
3) Is this a utility edge for meats & veggies & everything in between?

Odds on you needing a polishing stone like a Snow White are highly unlikely. Possible, but unlikely.

Are you flattening your stones; do you need a flattener?

Do you damage (i.e., chip/bend) your knives; need a low grit stone? My premise is your combo stone, if its a 250 or 800, may be adequate for bevel setting & repairs. Therefore the Latte expense might not be necessary.

The Fanatic 3 pc set is gonna get you a 400, 2000, 8000... plus your two Kings, whatever they are.

If you just want a set, the Shapton Pro set @$177 http://www.chefknivestogo.com/shpro3pcset.html is an option that will more than likely give you as refined an edge as you'll ever need. That will leave you with a 320, 1000, 5000... plus your Kings, whatever they are.

I LOVE the Green Brick, but I don't like grinding down a 400 scratch pattern with it. The GB creates a finish more refined then you might expect of a 2K; it produces a mirror polish. I understand you have your Kings to supplement in here, but it's all a matter of what you have, what you want to incorporate into your progression, and how versatile you want your new stones to be on their own.

I think the Shapton Pro set offers a more versatile set on their own, but again what are you doing with your knives & what knives are they? ;) If you just have soft steel, this entire conversation is moot.

The CKTG 5 pc set has an awesome set of stones in it (Beston, Bester, Rika) that can really do anything, but it seems like you just want stones.

You might want to piece together a set with your Kings in mind... whatever they are. A...

Bester 1K or 1200 @$49.... http://www.chefknivestogo.com/bester1200.html
Green Brick 2K @$50... http://www.chefknivestogo.com/naao2kgrbr.html
Suhiro Rika 5k @$50... http://www.chefknivestogo.com/suri50grst.html
w/a lapping plate w/holder @$50... http://www.chefknivestogo.com/xxcdiplandun.html $20 less for plate only.
...is the same cost as the Fanatic set that will give you a major improvement over your King combo - plus you get a diamond plate for lapping.

If you already have a stone holder, I would replace the Bester with a Nubutama Ume 1K @67... http://www.chefknivestogo.com/nubatamaume1k1.html and the cost would still stay the same as the Fanatic set.

Latte 400 @$59... http://www.chefknivestogo.com/la400grst.html
Nubutama Bamboo 4K @$100... http://www.chefknivestogo.com/nuba40.html
...are stones I'd love to fit in your set, but again... I don't know what you have & what you're doing.


Re: Stone recommendation

Mon Aug 05, 2013 2:33 am


I don't mean to hijack someone else's thread but I've been watching this one and waiting for some more activity as this is exactly the question I was going to ask. The response from Melampus hit a lot of the stones I was considering and I'd really like some more information from someone who's used these stones.

I'm inexperienced at sharpening but I'm pretty handy and have watched quite a few of the videos, and I'm confident that this is something that I can do.

I currently have no sharpening stones so I don't know if I like a specific style of stone. I don't want to keep buying and trying many of these so I figure if I choose stones that others seem to really like I'll be in good shape with this.

I'll be cutting primarily fruits, vegetables and meats with my knives. I'm no where near a professional chef in my knife skills, but I can make some decent meals and like a good sharp knife to to so with. So I guess I'm looking for an edge for meats, vegetables and everything in between. I don't generally damage my knives but may get an occasional chip, so I may not need the Latte 400 but thought I should have a low grit stone around. I could pick one up later and up the budget for the other two if needed.

I'm going to be purchasing some stones soon for use at home and was considering the following setups:

Latte 400
Green Brick
Snow White

Latte 400
Green Brick
Suehiro Rika

Latte 400
Nubatama Ume 1K Medium Speckled
Suehiro Rika

I'm also interested in what users might like better than or as well as the Suehiro Rika.

I know about the bester, beston, rika kits and considered them. Then I started doing some research and thought it might be fun to put together a different kit with stones that people prefer over these. This is how I found the Latte 400 and Ume 1K stones.

Value important as well as quality. I'm looking to stay under $200 for three stones if possible. This isn't a concrete number but I don't sharpen knives for a living so I won't be purchasing any of the really high dollar stones. So please don't tell me how great a stone the Chosera 10K is as that won't be happening. I'll be sharpening some Tojiro DP knives, some Fujiwara FKM knives, and some Wusthof Classic knives. I also have some old Chicago Cutlery knives that I don't care much about. I'll be using these to learn to sharpen on. I'll probably pick up a stone holder and resurfacing plate a short time after the stone purchase but don't want to get a lesser stone in order to do it.

Please share your thoughts as to the choices above and feel free to add any suggestions.

Thank you,

Re: Stone recommendation

Mon Aug 05, 2013 3:08 am

daf wrote:"The response from Melampus hit a lot of the stones I was considering and I'd really like some more information from someone who's used these stones."

I have which is why I comment.

"I don't generally damage my knives but may get an occasional chip, so I may not need the Latte 400 but thought I should have a low grit stone around. I could pick one up later and up the budget for the other two if needed."
I would get the cheap diamond lapping plate before a 400 grit stone. You will need to lap your stones on day one, but it will be highly unlikely to NEED a 400 grit stone off the bat. A 1K Ume or 1200 Bester cuts plenty fast enough to grind out microchipping & more... just takes longer.

Your knives have no need for an 8K stone. A Snow White is excessive.

I love the edge off my Aotoshi, but grinding a 400 scratch out with it takes awhile. Your last set is really appropriate: Latte 400, Nubatama Ume 1K Medium Speckled, Suehiro Rika. With this set, you can refine down those 1K teeth working the Ume mud, and then polish them down only as far with the 5k as your application requires. In fact, reminding myself again of the knives you own, you might even consider replacing the Rika with the Aotoshi.

"I'm also interested in what users might like better than or as well as the Suehiro Rika."
I can only speak from the 3 stones I own & use in that 5k-6k range, and I know of nothing more competent, pleasurable, & versatile @home for $50.

Re: Stone recommendation

Mon Aug 05, 2013 5:47 am

I can recommend #3 over the others:
Latte 400
Nubatama Ume 1K Medium Speckled
Suehiro Rika

and I agree with Melampus that the Snow White is excessive. While you may not let your knives get dull enough to justify the 400 grit stone, you will likely have the opportunity to sharpen other knives that do need some additional help and having the 400 compared to the 1k will be a welcome item.

I too love my Green Brick and it does polish better than it's 2k category, but the Latte and Nubatama Ume are incredible stones and after that progression, the Green Brick is too close of a jump; therefore, the 5K Rika is the right next stone.

Re: Stone recommendation

Mon Aug 05, 2013 6:46 am

Combo #3 is awesome! The 400 is there when you need to thin your knives or deal with larger chips. The 1K Ume and Rika make a great combo, but I want to try the 5K nubatama as well since it is supposed to be smooth feeling as well. Add in the Strop Set with universal holder and you will be all set. The felt pad is great for deburring and the leather is a great way to refine and touch up your edges. The flattening plate is great to flatten stones, which they will need and the holder is a nice base.

Re: Stone recommendation

Mon Aug 05, 2013 10:48 am

Thanks so much for sharing this information with me. This is really helpful. Leaning toward the third Combo with the Latte, Ume 1K and Rika. Melampus and Troy you're both right in tune with what I was thinking about the green brick. It seems to fill quite a range but might be too far from the 400 and too close to the 5000. That's the problem as it seems to alter some of the other choices as it doesn't really fit into the "normal 1K- 5K progression". I do want to try it though, it's fairly inexpensive and people love it so I'll probably end up picking one up after I've had a chance to try the others. I'll grab the holder, plate, strop combo with my initial stone purchase. I didn't want those items to sway anyone's stone choices. I was going to get them a week or two later but I'll take Melampus's advice and get them right away. Also, if I was absolutely set on my budget then getting these items in lieu of the Latte is good advice as well.

Thanks again,

Re: Stone recommendation

Mon Aug 05, 2013 2:51 pm

I just ordered the Latte 400, Ume 1K, Rika 5K kit and the stone base with the flattenting plate & strops. I'm going to try this out for a little while. I suspect my curiosity will get the best of me and I'll end up ordering a Green Brick as well in the coming weeks. Mark has created a Latte, Ume, Rita kit and added a catagory called Sharpening Stone Kits to the web site. It's nice to be able to see them all in one place now. Thank you for doing that Mark and thank you to everyone for all of your help. I appreciate all of you taking time out of your day to help me out, all of your advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Re: Stone recommendation

Sun May 25, 2014 8:35 am

i saw this and see a similarity to where i'm at. i have a king 800 and 1000 presently. don't know what i'm doing yet really, but confident i'm getting the hang of this (bought a download of the Murray Carter video, studying it and reading various forums, then checking my results).

i want to get a basic range of stones that will be versatile. right now i'm sharpening anything i can just for the practice (my wife's hidden the tableware). i'll continue to sharpen all sorts of things for different applications once i get comfortable with my sharpening skills. i want to sharpen for others as well as myself and people around here have all kinds of knives from cheapos to magnificent steel (my main knives are a CCK 1301 and CCK duck slicer, magnificent cheapos i guess).

i'm planning on keeping the Kings in the middle for the forseeable future (i now use one or the other, with the 800 dedicated to playtime with weird cheap soft steel like boxcutters, and cheap Thai stainless knives).

i'm planning on getting a plate as i'm tired of flattening on my lawn. (my lawn is made of tile; seems odd but it's pretty common here in Thailand. I suspect this started as a way of making one's yard unattractive to snakes).

i don't mind long soaks so splash and go doesn't matter to me. also, while i understand fast is a virtue in stones, as a noob i'm a bit leery of stones that cut too fast as i might end up overdoing it in my beginner's enthusiasm, and i don't mind taking a bit longer for big projects.

i know i may not notice the difference between one stone and another now but i plan to get plenty of practice and these should last a few years at least. now finally, on to my version of the same question:

i'm planning on getting a coarse stone. i'm leaning toward the Beston #500. it'd cost more to get a Latte #400 but people on here seem to prefer the latte. is there enough of a difference to justify the additional cost? (ps i considered the Chosera 400 as well but i'm leery of stones that disintegrate if you soak 'em too long).

i'm debating between the Suehiro Rika 5000 and the Arashiyama 6000. people seem to prefer the Rika over all, but i can get a better price on a lightly used Arashiyama. is it still worth paying a bit more for a new Rika?

some day i may get a Snow White. yeah i know you really don't need 'em for kitchen knives but if i take the plunge and get a straight razor then that's when i'd get one.

finally, i'm thinking of getting an angle cube. my thinking there is that i hope to sharpen everything from my very thin CCK to a durian-hacking wedge of a cleaver (or machete, depending on how much i anticipate the durians fighting back), and not only would i want to check my work but the measurements would help me get a feel for different angles.

short version:
plate for flattening,
Beston 500 or Latte 400?
King 800 and 1000,
Suehiro Rika 500 or Arashiyama 6000?
Snow white, or some other razor polisher?
angle cube?
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