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Stainless knife for a complete novice

Mon Apr 15, 2013 11:39 am

Hey Mark,

I'm looking to learn basic cooking and want a quality knife in the 100 price range. My wife is left handed but uses her right for knife work so I guess we can get a normal blade for the both of us to use.

I'd prefer stainless steel and am a complete novice.

I have looked at your forums and the recommended knives such as http://www.chefknivestogo.com/tojiro-dp-f-8081.html but wanted to discuss with you first.

Also, how much is shipping to Melbourne , Australia generally?

Happy to ring for a chat if that's easier for you-didn't see a phone number on the site.



Re: Stainless knife for a complete novice

Mon Apr 15, 2013 11:42 am

Hi James,

We do ship to your country and the shopping cart will give you an accurate shipping quote based on the weight of the items and your address. All you need to do is place the items in the cart, put your shipping address in the fields and choose "International" for the shipping method and then hit the "Apply" button.

There are 3 good starter knives that we sells tons of and you picked one of them. The other two are the Richmond Artifex (better steel) and the Fujiwara (nicer handle). All three are lower priced but good starter knives that will work great for you.

Re: Stainless knife for a complete novice

Tue Apr 16, 2013 7:38 am

The Artifex is my favorite of the bunch....even though the handles on the Tojiro and Fujiwara are nicer. I use a pinch grip, so the handle doesn't mean much to me.

The steel used in the Artifex is just better.

The Fujiwara comes in second place for me.

Re: Stainless knife for a complete novice

Tue Apr 16, 2013 10:34 am

Fellow novice here. I bought the Fujiwara and really enjoyed its performance. Great looking knife, handle was nice, and performed very well out of the box.
After a few months I got more into sharpening, and continued to read about the qualities of AEB-L steel on here, and was intrigued. I then had a friend who was looking for a knew knife to elevate above the garbage he had been using, and he was interested in mine. It provided me an opportunity to try the artifex, so I sold him the Fujiwara. I chose the extra tall version of the Artifex.

Out of the box I would say the performance of the two was similar, despite having put a 6k edge (admittedly, probably a poor one) on the Fujiwara. I tried them out next to each other, and Fujiwara was maybe a touch easier getting through an onion for a dice, but only maybe. It seemed a touch thinner behind the edge, but again barely.

However, this past weekend I thinned the Artifex behind the edge, and this thing is serious now. Much much better performance than I ever got out of the Fuji. It did not take all that long, and it is ridiculously sharp, gliding through onions, can slice tomatoes horizontally with one hand.

I must say I am happy with my choice. If I had it to do over again I'd go Artifex. Especially if you know how to sharpen, or are willing to put in the work to learn, it just seems like it has much better potential. Also, the handle of the Fuji looked better, but I honestly prefer the feel of the Artifex in my hand, and I have very big hands.

Re: Stainless knife for a complete novice

Tue Apr 16, 2013 11:45 am

Yes to the Fujiwara FKM, Richmond Artifex, and Tojiro DP as being the best entry-level good, western handled, stainless knives, currently available.

  • The Fujiwara has the best fit and finish. The Tojiro is a close second, and the Artifex a close third;
  • Fujiwara has the best cosmetics, Tojiro is second, and Axrtifex third. How close a third depends on how highly you value a bolster and a polished blade without visible tool-marks;
  • Tojiro has the stiffest blade, Fujiwara the most flexible. Unsurprisingly the Fujiwara splits the difference;
  • The DP has an unpleasant "muted" feedback, characteristic of san-mai knives. As single, steel knives the FKM and Richmond do not. Note though, that most people don't feel the difference, and of those who do, many aren't bothered by it;
  • The Artifex handle is very good, especially if you pinch grip. The Fujiwara's is okay, but a bit narrow. The DP has a large handle, too large for some people, it gets some complaints. Older DP handles were very boxy and garnered a lot of complaints. Newer ones are less so, but still boxy; and
  • The Artifex has the best edge taking and edge holding properties by far.

The Artifex is best in those areas which count most to me and close enough in the others, so recommend it over the other two knives.

If you don't pinch grip, learn.

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