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Spray v paste

Tue Apr 01, 2014 9:35 pm

So I did a search before I posted this I swear (but only read through 4 of the 6 pages that came up).

I see a lot of talk on this forum of spray when stropping. I come from a pocket knife culture where paste is the thing.

What is the difference if any and why would one pick one over the other?

I use two pastes ending with chromium oxide but am intrigued by this spray stuff.

Thanks for the help.

Re: Spray v paste

Wed Apr 02, 2014 8:50 am

Coach - as I understand it, sprays can be applied to substrates that wouldn't work well with pastes. The two best examples I can give are smooth leather, like a horse butt strop, and Nanocloth. Pastes work well on balsa and hard felt.

You can also add spray based compounds to the surface of sharpening stones to assist w/cutting harder, more wear resistant steels.

Calling Ken, Calling Sadden :-).

Re: Spray v paste

Wed Apr 02, 2014 9:09 am

Most of the sprays use diamond......some use CBN (cubic boron nitride). I can't say I've ever used a CBN product, so my comments apply only to those spray that use diamond.

First, I find the spray products to be easier to apply than their paste counterparts.

Second, I've found that diamond spray provides quite a different edge than the pastes I've used. Most pastes I've used, like yours, had CrO or some other abrasive. The diamond leaves a toothier edge....I reckon due to it's characteristics....than the other abrasives. The edges off of CrO are smoother, more refined perhaps. I prefer the edge off of the diamond sprays any more and it's the only strop compound I use when I do such a thing.

Re: Spray v paste

Wed Apr 02, 2014 7:54 pm

Okay guys, I appreciate the help. So it seems like there is enough difference so I have to go and spend more money and get new stuff. Wife is going to love this one. I can't wait to explain why I'm ordering more stuff from CKTG. Good thing I have friends with couches...

Re: Spray v paste

Thu Apr 03, 2014 4:26 am

So there is water soluble sprays and oil based sprays. They can be simple slurries or sprayable suspensions (keep the particles suspended). Pastes tend to be oil based. Pastes are of various thicknesses, from a smooth cream to hard pastes like dried up toothpastes. Mine are easy to spread, unlike some thick pastes. I even have some experimental wax based preparations in the works. Emulsions are a type of suspension.

So my compounds consist of CBN, polycrystaline diamond, monocrystalline diamond, and alumina and Boron Carbide.

I have CBN in slurries up to 4 microns. After that the particles are too large and settle too quickly. Above 4 microns I have a gel type suspension that is water soluble up to 300 microns. I also carry CBN in an oil based suspension. This is used primarily on belts (like leather and linen). I keep these in stock because some like it better than the emulsions.

Mono and poly diamond are covering a wide range. Mono slurries go down to 0.025 microns and up to 4 microns (approximately) Poly slurries go down to 0.015 micron slurries (1.2 million grit).

My favorite are water based emulsions. These dry quickly - much quicker than oil based suspensions or pastes. They are water soluble and cover a range from 80 microns down to 0.1 microns in CBN. I also have these in mono and poly going as fine as 0.025 microns. They work well on waterstones, well on nanocloth and leather strops - kangaroo, horse and cow leather (equine and bovine). Extremely versatile for a wide range of applications. In mono emulsions I have them up to 16 microns and down to 0.025 microns. Poly extends to a similar range.

If all these choices are ready to make your head explode (I even left some out of the discussion), just ask for what you want. Mark carries my CBN and Poly sprays and will be carrying Boron Carbide emulsions (order is in the mail heading to him).

Most recently, I've added boron carbide emulsions from 0.5 microns, 1 and 2 microns - soon available here at CKTG. I have these in 4 and 8 microns as well.

This is a pretty condensed description and probably leaves out as much as it answers, so if you want me to clarify or expand on any of this just ask.

Adam - you've never tried any CBN? We need to chat about this :)


Re: Spray v paste

Thu Apr 03, 2014 7:27 am

ken123 wrote:Adam - you've never tried any CBN? We need to chat about this :)

I don't think so.....I believe the one's I have are all HandAmerican. They, umm, don't get used up very quickly. I can't imagine ever needing another bottle to be honest.
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