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Shun Classic - 7' Santoku

Fri Apr 04, 2014 9:44 am

I thought it was time, on its one year anniversary, to review the Shun Classic 7" Santoku:

About me (and my wife): The Shun is my wife's primary go to knife as a home cook. She does food prep with it almost exclusively.

First Impression:

My wife loves that it's thin behind the edge. She loves the length and 'feel' of the knife compared to the Henckels 8" Chef she had been using. She loves the weight and overall comfort of the knife. The biggest factor is its so much thinner behind the edge.

She uses it for all her prep, and although I like a longer knife, she loves the length of the Shun.

The VG-10 steel holds its edge well with regular stropping that I do. The fit and finish and overall look of the knife is great.


To me this is the biggest plus. While my wife is reluctant to use the carbon steel. She feels very comfortable grabbing the Shun without worrying about it. In reality, carbon is not all that fussy, but I am so glad my wife feels comfortable with her Shun.


Firstly, it held its edge for 4 weeks of daily home food prep on wood board with only stropping between uses.

When I did go to sharpen it, (on Shapton Glass 1k and 4k), it sharpened quickly and evenly. A bit more finicky than my carbon, but overall gets a great edge back. It does not hold an edge like Aogami Super, but I wouldn't expect it to.


Everyone that uses the Shun loves the handle for its substance and great feel while also have a bit of a j-knife wow factor. The fit and finish on the knife is fantastic and the handle matches the great look of the blade.


While I'm sure there are definitely 'better' Santokus at the same price point (better steel or grind), what makes the Shun such an appealing purchase is the approachability of the knife. It is very 'usable' by the non knife nut - yet it still has very good performance. It is a very notable upgrade for my wife. The positive biggest factor is that she uses it all the time. My wife is getting a very good knife that she's comfortable with. It doesn't have value if you don't use it. I also looks great.

Overall Rating and Recommendation:

4 Stars

The knife is a 'looker' and very approachable. Great fit and finish. A great upgrade knife for the other cook in the house. The one that doesn't have Chef Knives to Go bookmarked.


Re: Shun Classic - 7' Santoku

Fri Apr 04, 2014 12:49 pm

Thanks for your thoughts. Fair final assessment.

Re: Shun Classic - 7' Santoku

Mon Apr 07, 2014 6:32 pm

Nice review. I'm glad you like it. :)

Re: Shun Classic - 7' Santoku

Tue Apr 08, 2014 3:58 pm

When i saw Shun, i tought it was a bash athon as the Global thread.

i have a solid vg10 shun (not clad). It was my first real j knife. and after regrinding it, i´ve been enjoying it a lot. i may not feel the handle to be practical but i like the tallness and the heft. it took and kept a better edge than anything i´ve tried before it´s purchase. and i paid discount price for it. so i feel it was a solid deal.

for sure its the more impressive to my friends. my collection is small. Kohetsu AS 210, Tanaka Ginsan Deba 165, Mitsukane??? 240 (smells like Satan´s Ass) i dont know if its sk4 or sk5, Shimatani 240 Blue damascus Yanagiba, Shun edo 8´ and Takamura r2 150 petty.

Re: Shun Classic - 7' Santoku

Sun Mar 15, 2015 5:01 am

Thanks for the review. It has helped in my first jk in the kitchen search.
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