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Should I take my knives to Korin for sharpening?

Wed Jan 30, 2013 11:03 am

I'm planning to purchase my first Japanese knives from your site - in fact, my first decent quality knives. I am not a professional cook, just a chef to my family
After a bit of research, I was thinking about the Tojiro DP 3-piece set. My question is about the sharpening though. I don't think that as a novice, I would be able to do a decent job with the waterstone, and might mess up the angle/bevel. So, since I live in NYC, I was wondering whether taking the Tojiros to Korin for sharpening would be a good idea? How often should I expect to sharpen them? Would you recommend buying the stones instead?


Re: Should I take my knives to Korin for sharpening?

Wed Jan 30, 2013 11:08 am

Hi Angie,

If you're not interested in sharpening your own knives than a shop like Korin would be a fine place to have them sharpened.

I would encourage you to give sharpening a try. It's not that hard and you will save money and always have sharp knives. I did a bunch of free videos that you can check out to get you started here:

I may try to do some instructional videos that show me teaching a newbie to show how fast you can learn. I'll bet I could get someone to sharpen a dull knife in 5-10 minutes. Once you learn the basics you can refine your technique but really it's a simple and easy thing to do.

Re: Should I take my knives to Korin for sharpening?

Thu Jan 31, 2013 11:41 am

I don't really want to bash a factory sharpening too much but what you get is what you get. You could receive a sharp well tuned edge or a dull obtuse and poor cutting hunk of steel. It's anyone's guess as to what you will receive.

As Mark recommended and I will too, you should invest time into learning to take care of the tools you own, they will last longer and perform better and you will always have a sharp knife. If for now you would like them sharpened professionally I would recommend someone besides the factory. Myself and others sharpen for Mark and produce more of a custom edge for the blades sharpened, we go way beyond what most factory edges are and with performance to match.

What ever way you decide to go just remember at some point it will be easier to take care of it yourself. Knives go dull every day, sharpening them once or twice a year is more like a waste of quality cutlery. Just sayin :)

Re: Should I take my knives to Korin for sharpening?

Thu Jan 31, 2013 12:21 pm

Clearly having knives sharpened at Korin in NYC would not be anything aproaching a factory sharpening. Your knives will be sharpened to their fullest potential at Korin if that is where you choose to take them. Enjoy!
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