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Sharpening Zen

Thu Jul 04, 2013 6:36 pm

I seem to be addicted to trying different stones and have a nice stack now. Love these stones :)


I sharpen for pleasure, relaxation, its Zen to me. I'm not looking for the ultimate speed, or a stone that can cut every metal known to man. My criteria is does it feel good doing it, and can it cut the metal I have.

The first stones I had was a King 1K / 6K combo stone. While many poo poo it, I really liked it, and it ended up at my girlfriends house where I sharpen her AS Gyuto.

While I have many stones that are "Better" by conventional wisdom, I still missed that King so while at WoodCrafters the other day, I tried to get another. They had a 6K which I got, but they where out of the 1K stones. I was really bummed, but they did have a King 1.2k, so I thought I'd give that a try.

I get home and set the King 1.2k up. Lapped an 1/8 of the top to get to clear stone, splash and went.

OMG, friggen sharpening nervana. I was totally blown away by the feel. For what I am after, its perfect.

Okay, so its a King. It likely wont cut some of the exotic steels, and it might not be the fastest cutting stone ever made, but what it lacks in speed, for me, it more than makes up for in feel.


May you all find your sharpening Zen..... my wish for the day :D
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Re: Sharpening Zen

Thu Jul 04, 2013 9:22 pm

I like that 1200 King myself.

Re: Sharpening Zen

Fri Jul 05, 2013 9:57 pm

you sir are a stone whore and I love it :D

Re: Sharpening Zen

Sat Jul 06, 2013 1:33 am

BRANWELL <> Sharpening, for oneself, is undoubtedly a meditative activity, and the King 1200 is, for me, a very enjoyable stone, as well. I've always liked it, and I always will. May be a little soft, may be a little slow, but she still works, well. I often bring it with me when working on-the-road. Looking into my hotel room's kitchen, right now, I have a King 1200, Rika 5, Kita 8, and a bunch of strops.

Re: Sharpening Zen

Sat Jul 06, 2013 2:15 am

Yup solid stone. Still have mine though honestly I don't use a 1k that often. Even my natural 1k. But +1 on the meditation. Yesterday took both kono blue two gyutos on a fun trip. All the way up to wakasa (which on hardness would say 9.3 or so and mirror polish) and very shallow VERY hard nakayama (which is even harder at 9.5 or little more and mirror polish) also re beveled my moritaka honesuki (lowered angle to 10 per) think that progression was shapton pro 220, iminishi (sp) 400, LARGE aoto, Jyunsyouhonyama (my first natural :) ) and finished off on the wakasa. Time few by and I didn't care :)

Re: Sharpening Zen

Sat Jul 06, 2013 7:18 pm

I definitely enjoy the relaxation of sharpening. I've lost several hours just standing at the sink grinding away :) My GF doesn't understand it at all though and often questions my sanity lol!


Re: Sharpening Zen

Sat Jul 06, 2013 8:36 pm

sharpening and vegetable gardening keep me sane.


Re: Sharpening Zen

Mon Jul 08, 2013 8:39 pm

+1 on the King stones (and the Zen of sharpening). I started on a King 800 and 6k. I also have the 1k Brick and 4k ice bear. I still use them. And when I sharpen it's always a 2 hour minimum. I keep reaching for more knives or more stones. :)
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