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Re: Sharpening stones that do well with s30v and 5160

Sat May 04, 2013 7:21 pm

To put a fine point on MR's comment, it isn't so much that Shapton GS stones suck as that waterstones in general suck on this steel.

Although this is a theoretical understanding, it seems that Aluminum oxide based stones abrade the surrounding matrix well enough but have a hell of a time with large vanadium carbides, so you need something harder than vanadium carbide to get through them. Enter damonds and the next hardest abrasive, CBN. Boron carbide isn't quite hard enough compared to vanadium carbide.

There is an interesting anectdotal report where a customer (Tim C) used a 180 grit Nubatama Bamboo stone for the EdgePro with success on S30v.


Given that the abrasive in this stone is of higher Moh's hardness than Aluminum oxide based stones like Shaptons and Choceras, this warrants further study along with it's coarser relatives for use on S30v.

One solution ( :) ) is to use diamonds / CBN on waterstones - including Shaptons and Nubatamas and even naturals to enhance performance on these abrasion resistant steels, extending the range of capabilities of waterstones to more abrasion resistant steels. Although I haven't specifically tried S30v on a Meara natural stone, for some reason the Meara seems to work very well on a variety of powdered metal steels. Quite mysterious.


Re: Sharpening stones that do well with s30v and 5160

Sat May 04, 2013 11:50 pm

I can sharpen kershaw S30V on my Arashiyama stones, I cannot do the same with a Striders. S30V is a product of its HT and this will affect how it can be sharpened in a big way.

Re: Sharpening stones that do well with s30v and 5160

Fri May 10, 2013 3:34 pm

Sorry for not hitting this thread earlier. Took a hiatus from the forum for a minute.

s30v and s35vn are quite different steels. They are both very wear resistant, but s30v does not take a refined edge very well. s35vn will take a refined edge well.

Both steels are very tough, but again, s35 beats it in that department as well. I think there is a slight decrease in wear resistance on s35, but edge life on it is very good.

I've used the Bester 500, Shapton 320, and Latte 400 on s35vn with plenty of success. It is a little more wear resistant, but once the bevel is set it starts to behave a bit like carbon.

You will want to go 500 grit and under to get metal removal on these steels. Just don't use a soft stone and you should be okay.
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