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Sharpening stones for my Takeda

Thu Jun 27, 2013 7:34 am

Good Evening

Please allow me to tax your knowledge and experiences.

Have been a licensed gunsmith for over 36 years and know a bit about metal, also sharpened more than a few hunting knives. My current line-up of stones is comprised of several diamonds (both powered and bench top). Norton India's and ceramics. The finest stone I have is a Degausit crystolyn saphire. I think that it equates to about 3k grit.

All the above have allowed me to polish mating trigger parts as well a bring the junk kitchen knives to a fairly sharp edge.

Things just changed....a friend repaid a favor with very nice Takeda Gyuoto. It is supposed to have a core of "AS" aeogami ?super blue. Now I would like to get a "set" (if that is the correct term) of stones to properly maintain that knife.

My brief research has led me to some very good names like: Choseara or Shapton Glass or Shapton Pro. Probably there are several other good names, but I don't know enough to make a decision.

I don't have enough money to buy a full set of the high quality stones, but I might be able to buy two or three now and sometime later buy additional ones to complete the "set". Quality First.....but I don't know what quality is ! That is why I would ask for your advice. Hard vs Soft, natural vs synthetic, brandX vs brandY, set vs individual stones and a hundred other things I don't know !

Which stones ????


Re: Sharpening stones for my Takeda

Thu Jun 27, 2013 7:50 am

Pretty much all of the stone's Mark sells are at least very good stones. With good stone's, it's more about personal preference than quality stone.

Do you like hard stones, do you like soft stones, do you like......... We could list many attributes of stones, but until you've tried several, I doubt you could even answer the question.

That said, if you just buy one good set of stones (again, nothing Mark sells is junk) you probably wouldn't ever know and you'd just be happy with what you got.

If I were to buy a set of stones today, I would buy in order of acquisition:

A 1,000 grit stone - http://www.chefknivestogo.com/nubatamaume1k1.html

A 3-4,000 grit stone - http://www.chefknivestogo.com/suri50grst.html

A 500 grit stone - http://www.chefknivestogo.com/beston500.html

A 10,000 grit stone - http://www.chefknivestogo.com/na10grsust1c2.html

Re: Sharpening stones for my Takeda

Thu Jun 27, 2013 5:43 pm

You will want a muddy type stone to polish/sharpen the large bevel otherwise you will erase the contrast between the clad metal and core metal.

I use two stones to sharpen Takeda's, a 400 grit Nubatama bamboo and a Monzen Aoto (natural Japanese waterstone) which provides a near "factory edge" with a bit more sharpness.

You could replace the monzen with a Nubatama bamboo 1200 or if on a budget a king 1200 stone would do.

Imo, no need to go to a high polish with these blades.
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