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Sharpening stones for a kosher butcher

Fri Dec 21, 2012 4:00 pm

I work in the Kosher meat buisness and my knives must be at a very high level of sharpness as well as smoothness.

During the actual time of cutting the knives have to be super sharp and still smooth. We are talking about cutting beef, lamb, buffulo, chicken and water fowl. All knicks and blemishes must be able to be removed and be prepared for inspection with 15 to 20 seconds!

I have been working with the following:
1000 ceramic from Japan
A blue/purple Belgian stone
A black pertolia
8000 Norton water stone
A green eagle Canadian
Green Chinese

However, I would really like to cut the amount of stones I carry around w/ me. I want TWO STONES FOR ALL OF MY NEEDS.



Re: Sharpening stones for a kosher butcher

Fri Dec 21, 2012 10:55 pm

i'd be pretty happy with just the first two on your list, if it's just for cutting meat.

but you would still need a flattener, a bevel setter / low grit stone, then the first two on your list.

a beston 500 and a diamond flattening plate.

but that would be just me.


Re: Sharpening stones for a kosher butcher

Sat Dec 22, 2012 6:56 pm

I've spoken at length with another Kosher butcher regarding requirements, including Kosher related requirements as well as sharpening requirements.

Typically a minimum is three stones. One for coarse work such as repairs and another middle grit stone and a polishing stone.

Now for many softer European knives an excessively high grit stone would be unnecessary.

To get down to two stones with a high finish leave the coarse stone and just take the middle and finer grit stones.

You could also consider a combination stone at say 1k/4k or 1k/6k and get down to one stone. Or a Monzen Aoto and get down to one stone too. This stone starts out coarse 1k ish and as the mud refines it acts more like a higher grit stone. This stone has historically been a favorite of Japanese Butchers. It has the unusual ability to work well with knives cutting fat a lot as it absorbs the fat into the mud, rather than messing up the stone from the grease. You might find this level of sharpness to your liking for cutting meat.

Now consider GlassStones if you want to carry more than two stones. They are quite thin and a 320 1k 4k combination would serve you well, dry fast and take up little space. The pertolia, Canadian and Chinese stones - I'm not familiar with those. And the 1000 ceramic could be any number of stones.

If we were to pick from your stones and assuming you are using knives comparable to European knives in hardness and abrasion resistance, you might well do with what you have, possibly adding a coarser stone to the series to remove nicks more efficiently.

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