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Sharpening lesson and Note of interest

Thu Aug 15, 2013 4:33 am

I teach knife sharpening every now and then and on Saturday I gave a private lesson to an individual that makes knives and had a some water stones.

He showed up with 4 Shapton Glass stones and the diamond lapping plate (purchased used and an amazing deal) but what was really cool was that he had all of my dream strops from Ken Schwartz. This guy had about 5 or 6 3X8 inch kangaroo and nano cloth strops on glass plates and enough diamond sprays to last a lifetime.So even here in Nova Scotia Ken is known to some, cool.

The fella gave me a beautiful damascus knife that he made, I will post some pictures when I have a handle put on it.

On a separate note altogether, I was at a cooking class that my wife dragged me too, I don't mind them because I get to see different Chefs at work and see their knives.
The large Global chef knife that he used to slice 10 peppers and 8 green apples was painfully dull, I had to restrain myself from explaining what a dull knife does to food.
It was the perfect example of what a dull knife does to food however with a large overhead mirror showing everyone in the room what it does to something like an apple.
Besides the obvious straining on his part to get the blade through the fruit and vegetables...even my wife was wincing, within 10 minutes, and I'm not exaggerating, the apple chunks, that he had cut in prepartation for a salad were all brown. It may have been less actually and everyone in the room could see it.

I get a little frustrated at chefs when that happens, sharpening his knives should be part of his cooking routine. He is a good chef too, the food was awesome.

I used to leave my business card with them but I don't anymore, if he let his knife get that dull, he isn't going to pay anyone to sharpen it.

Just my rant today:)

Re: Sharpening lesson and Note of interest

Thu Aug 15, 2013 1:25 pm

Good rant Peter!

Yeah, those full of ignorance do not know any better.

Sharpen his knife as a freebie - he will respond bringing all of his knives for the same treatment.....


Re: Sharpening lesson and Note of interest

Tue Aug 27, 2013 1:48 am

Sad but true ! I sharpen knives for some of the luxury yachts and all to often I get given the cheaper Japanese knives such as Shuns & Globals in horrible states . One boat chef in particular rolls the blades and chips his Shuns worse still on the Premier Series I am not a chef but when I buy a Japanese knife I normally check out how to use it on You Tube . This chef uses them as one would use a German knife cutting on whatever comes to hand . Its a shame to have to remove a lot off steel from a knife that is less than three months old and then they complain about the prices to have them sharpened heathens I say.
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