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Sharpening Instructors?

Sun Mar 16, 2014 4:40 pm

Hey Guys,
I live in the Madison WI area...(the proud home of CKTG) and I am looking for an instructor of some kind for help.
I am a chef and an amateur sharpener. (knife knut and all)
I looked around for classes and the like, on-line, but found none. (didn't look exhaustively)
Can anyone recommend or point me in the right direction?

Re: Sharpening Instructors?

Mon Mar 17, 2014 7:10 am

Hi Mikey,

Where do you work? Does your crew want to learn too? Maybe my employee Josh and I could come over and give you a group sharpening lesson. Just a thought...

Re: Sharpening Instructors?

Mon Mar 17, 2014 8:29 pm

I work at Epic in the culinary dept. You may know some of my collegues. I will definitely look into that idea. I know some people that would be into it. I will PM you about some specifics.
To be more specific for me, I am looking for a possible apprenticeship or some one on one tutoring. Or any classes I could pursue on a regular basis.
Anything like that around?
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