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Shapton 6pc Set

Mon Jul 22, 2013 12:36 pm

I've got a bunch of (mostly western/German) kitchen knives that are pretty dull. I watched my way through all of your knife sharpening videos, and am ready to try to sharpen them. The Shapton (6pc) starter kit, however, is out of stock. Any idea when it will come back in? I could be talked into some of the other starter kits (if you have strong preferences), but the Shapton looked good (the "splash and go" rather than soaking seemed nice).
And looking down the road, I'd love to try one of the Japanese knives. Hunting around, the Konosuke HD 270mm Wa-Gyuto HO struck me as a good knife for me (I like longer knives, and the half-stainless seemed a good starter for someone not used to carbon steel). Everyone else (in the recommendations) loved them. But it, too, is out of stock. Any idea on that?
Great website; obviously a nice selection, but the info you put into it makes it great.

Re: Shapton 6pc Set

Mon Jul 22, 2013 12:37 pm

Hi Dave,

This will work for you:

The only part of the 6pc set that's out of stock is the cheap flattener and you can easily flatten with 120-150 grit wet dry sandpaper. We do have the holder in stock as well here:
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