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Semi-stainless knives

Sun Aug 26, 2012 9:58 pm

Are semi-stainless steel knives still fairly rust resistant? I'm looking at knives like Kikuichi's TKC line later and maybe Kono HD series.

Can I leave one on the table after having prepped my meal (e.g. tomatoes, cut a lemon...)? Or would I have to get a "stainless steel" knife to totally avoid worrying about rust? I've always used stainless steel knives.

Re: Semi-stainless knives

Sun Aug 26, 2012 10:08 pm

I've cut lemons and limes with my HD and left it for about 30 minutes and still no stain.

Re: Semi-stainless knives

Sun Aug 26, 2012 10:50 pm

Ok so "Semi-stainless" should be fine for me. I wondered as it's called "semi-".

CKTG, does have the new Kono HH lline which are stainless steel (probably still using Swedish steel) but with a higher RC rating of 61 like the HD. So if I buy a Kono I could go with either a HD or HH.

Re: Semi-stainless knives

Sun Aug 26, 2012 11:07 pm

I own both the HD and the HH gyuto. Just from work I find that they are both workhorses and just cut endlessly.

The way I test the sharpness of the edge is to put the edge straight up on my nail and try to draw the blade as if you want to slice off your finger (dangerous but its done lightly). Anyway the HD seems to have a solid pinch on my nail and doesn't move at all or it will cut through my nail. The HH on the other hand pinches it solid but I can pull the edge back slightly still but I'm talking about 1/5 of a millimeter so its very tiny movement.

Take what you want from that and I just did a test recently with 2 cases of 50lb carrots. I had to cut coin carrots on a bias about a centimeter thick and both knives ripped through it needing only a few strokes on the rod about 3/4 way through just to finish the job. It was done on a poly board and I find that I was still able to use the knives the rest of the day but I chose to grab another knife out of the bag just because it just doesn't have that super sharp feel I like.

Re: Semi-stainless knives

Mon Aug 27, 2012 1:09 am

HD Funayuki (http://www.chefknivestogo.com/kohdfu24.html) or a HH 240mm gyuto? Will have to see. If I buy a Kono and not a Kikuichi TKC. Both use steels appropriate for my use for some one that likes to cook at home (not that I leave my knives on the table for 30 minutes...I usually cut what I need to, wash and dry...but my knives have sat on the table for more than a few minutes...enough time for reactive carbon steels to begin to rust...prefer to have the option to leave my knife on the table for over 5 minutes). So most of my knives (future) will be as rust-resistant as possible (e.g. SS, Semi-, SKD11).

I do however have my eye on a 240mm Sakai Yusuke "special thin" gyuto (W#2 IIRC) which Mark says will be available at the end of next month (Sept). Will by this knife and either a Kono or Kikuichi TKC. Was considering a Masamoto VG but I heard they had issues with the handle's fit/finish in the past (good price though at $180 & some kind of proprietary type of sorta rust-resistant steel...similar to what MAC used).
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