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We encourage you to post your questions about kitchen knives here. We can give you help choosing a knife.
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Rules of Conduct

Tue Apr 24, 2012 10:29 am

1. Behave respectfully. Stay courteous during debate and disagreement, and accept that not everyone will share or comprehend your viewpoint.

2. During debate, keep your argumentation strictly on topic. Personal attacks are not allowed.

3.The forum is not the place to settle arguments with vendors or other members. Such discussions should be held in private.

4. Posts must not infringe any copyright laws, including and especially those that contain images and videos.

5. Do not publish any text of illustrations that may be prohibited by law in democratic countries, such as, e.g.: pornography, extreme violence, bigotry, etc. Do remember that, by international laws, you are fully responsible for whatever you publish on a public forum.

6. No commercial activity is allowed other than posts coming from Chef Knives To Go

8. When in doubt about the application of our Rules Of Conduct, please contact one of the moderators via PM or E-mail.
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