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>> Richmond Plating Spoon <<

Fri Jul 20, 2012 8:17 pm

I am commenting on a spoon because I know there are those out there that have as specific a taste, as I. I get very specific about tools. The slightest of facets can turn me off, and I have become extremely discerning with additions to my kit.

I am speaking of the 'Richmond Plating Spoon" (i.e., not the #1,#2, or #3). This was an addition I could go out on a limb without minding the $20 loss... if it proved to be. Gotta say, thus far, it is proving to perform as fluidly as its aesthetic. It has a nice polish in the bowl keeping the friction coefficient consistent for sauces of varying body, and the brushed handle offers a nice disguise to the scratches that will mount. Nice contour to both bowl & handle, and the Richmond stamp on the rear is a nice finish to said fit. What I like most is the 2.5 tb bowl is large enough that at half capacity you can get enough upward angle on the handle w/o actually pouring which allows you to really "get in there" to tight spots & effect a defined stream if need be.

Good job, Mark. My only mistake was not buying the 4 spoon combo so as to feel em all out... :mrgreen:

Re: >> Richmond Plating Spoon <<

Fri Jul 20, 2012 10:30 pm

I really like the spoon too, but my go to is the small Kunz spoon as the work I do tends to require smaller tools. These are much more like the large. If only Mark would release a smaller version of his spoons too :).

Re: >> Richmond Plating Spoon <<

Sat Jul 21, 2012 10:03 am

VASER <> I agree these are not suited for HD presentations; more like a Santoku to draw analogy. My comments were broad & I didn't allow myself to get too defined, but yes, it is proving to be a great "general duty" spoon. One that I'm utilizing for stirring, basting, serving, transferring, plating, etc; a really versatile multi-duty tool. The majority of my production is "larger" portion plates though still refined and requiring definition. I'm digging the everyday versatility this large bowl is providing while I have a fine point drizzle spoon I choose for "nouveau" style presentations.
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